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Aenaeas's Journal - Eighth Entry

Today was an interesting Day.

Kurja attacked us. That motherfucker.

He was blabbing some bullshit about awakening the nephilim soul. I guess it has something to do with awakening the powers or memories from someone’s passed life or some shit. Who knows. Sounds like the bitch flavor of the month way to get power without having to train. Or being naturally gifted like myself.

We promptly wooped his ass. He peaced out like a little bitch, even though he had his little army he had wished for. It seemed like him wishing for that army might have fucked him over with Red Alice or something. Who knows. He probably deserves it.

Shoulda known better than to trust some bitchass dragon.

We got attacked by some bears a little later. We fucked them up and their big momma bear. The momma bear tried to run but, we ran her down like a dog and beat her into submission. It wasn’t the most…honorable of wins but, fuck that. We killed a bigass momma bear.

We met up with Clover and got some new information.

Turns out that fool Justicar was guarding Genevive. Since the party beat his ass, he went on some emo guilt trip and hasn’t gone back to protect her. Because of that Thesius was able to get to Genevive and use Jin to keep her restrained.

We wanted to go save her but, Clover said we weren’t versed enough in planar travel and, probably never would be unless we found a way to become immortal…


Clover explained to us that we need to fulfill all of our missions to overthrow the empire so that Genevive won’t need to spend so much of her magic focused on us. If she loosened her focus on us she would be able to break free from Thesius on her own.

Out of those missions, there is a big one that is dear to my heart.

Bring the false Wyrmslayer to Justice…

Clover also explained some more about the nephilim soul to us. Turns out it’s a possibility that Kurja is trying to bring back Ravenstraz.

That would be bad…

Oh, and before we saw Clover it seemed like she had just had a fight with Thesius. He looked all fucked up and pissed and just ran away. I couldn’t kill him cuz I was too busy laughing at how stupid he looked. Clover even taught the “Make Thesius fall down a flight of stairs” ritual to Yuriel.

I was gonna say that my spear has a 100% chance to proc that ritual every time I leap attack but, again…I was too busy laughing at Thesius.


TrinityLancer Aenaeas

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