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Aenaeas's Journal - Fourth Entry

Another day, another dose of more political crap to deal with…

I guess some bitch called Erinblad de Vast and his whore consort are trying to make Stella look bad. Fuckers better not get her killed or something before she pays us for our services.

Anyways, we went off to the construction site that our leads told us would be a site for a meeting of some type. On the way there we ran into a guard unit led by Corkus. They wanted us to accompany them to the construction site. As soon as I saw them…I knew they were gonna get killed. I tried to tell them it wasn’t a good idea but hey, you don’t just come out and call the town guard a group of whiny bitches, you know? Can’t just be like, “Naw man, get the fuck out of here or you scrubs are gonna get killed.” Whatever, they made their choice.

We get jumped by some empire armored elves on the way there. No surprise all the guards get killed. Super surprise though that…well…I don’t want to write down anything else.

Godamnit, fuck you Zephyrus. I don’t want to. FUCK FINE. I DON’T NEED TO REMEMEBER THIS BUT FINE, I’LL WRITE IT.

Some nigger called Orpheus was in their group. Orpheus Northstar. I was focusing on his buddies for the most part since they were hurting us pretty bad. When we finally took them out I was pretty fucked up. Then that bastard Orpheus rushed me. While the party was cleaning up…the bastard abducts me and runs off. Here I am in this nigger’s arms all fucked up, thinking I’m gonna be victim to surprise buttsecks. Not fun.

He ended up just leaving me in a trash bin and talking to me. He said he was ally to the Wyrmslayer. Fuck that shit. I’M THE GODAMNED WYRMSLAYER. I explained to him about faggy Odysseus and how I’m hunting his ass down and how he’s a lieing cunt. He says that he might end up helping us if he thinks we are on the side of good. He even gives me some egg that is similar to what has been being used to turn people into those dragon hybrids we have been fighting.

Zephyrus told me to use the egg on myself, some kinda power or some shit. Who am I to refuse such a gift? I used it and got hooked up pretty nicely, I feel a little stronger and I got some small scales on my body now but, whatever.

Anyways, we finally got to the construction site and tried to setup an ambush but, instead we just set off some trap. The trap was a huge fucking mechanical bitch. We wooped its ass and found some items in it. I think Rin and Nalar ended up taking some of the stuff. Something about some armor that belonged to his daughter and a sword. Who knows about Nalar though, that guy gives me a weird vibe. I catch him looking at me funny sometimes. Maybe he’s gay.

We reported back to Stella and she told us she got owned at some meeting she went to. Erinblad’s people are going to be roaming the streets now. Erinblad the Vast? More like Erinblad the Vast Douchebag.

While we were talking to Stella I saw that fishy ass cat again. I think it figured out that I was on to it so it ran off. I was like, fuuuuuuck that bitch. I kill dragons, a fucking little cat isn’t gonna outsmart me! So i chased it!

We ended up cornering it in some alley. Figures though we would find someone else holding the damned cat. It just had to be the daughter of that bitch Raven killed a while back. Raven wasn’t with us at the time though, prolly chillin with some hot bitches. So anyways, I told the chick Raven was my homie and that I wasn’t gonna let her kill him. I don’t know what came over me but…instead of just beating the shit outa her I told her I’d give her a free shot on me.

She didn’t like that very much. Whatever. If she wants a shot at the champ, fine. Be my guest. Just don’t get angry when the champ gives you a taste of his signature moves. So she challenged me to a duel. She got owned. End of story.


TrinityLancer Aenaeas

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