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Aenaeas's Journal - Ninth Entry

We got some new information about the whole nephilim soul stuff today from Trowa. We also saw a few of the unvanquished in Festaud’s place. We also learned some shit about Raven and Kurja. Apparently they used to be part of Bahamut’s 13 dragons. I guess Kurja fell from grace with Bahamut because Varol tricked him into them going off on their own.

Supposedly this means that Kurja could be trying to resurrect his lover. What a dick, he tried to kill us to bring his woman back to life. Well, actually that is pretty understandable. I would do the same. But fuck him, he’s a dragon. Suck it Kurja. You used to be so cool.

Trowa and her gay lover decided to join us after we talked for a while. What ensued was fucking crazy.

We were getting our asses kicked. I mean, horribly. Like, we were for sure gonna die. Then alluva fucking sudden Justicar comes out and starts heal botting us. That fool was amazing. He was like, oh my god friggin heal bot master.

Somehow we were able to win but, it was close. Without Justicar and Trowa we would have died horrible deaths.

Wait, what the fuck is this shit? Hell naw. We were just about to start raping face when they got there so we were able to take it easy. That fight wasn’t shit. Mother fucking warmup for bitches is what it was. Hell no, we owned them. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah…

After the fight Karkillian hooked us up with one of his strongest knights. I think the chick’s name was Katarina. Whatever, as long as she kills shit.


TrinityLancer Aenaeas

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