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Aenaeas's Journal - Seventh Entry

I got to the party a little late but just in time to help everyone take out some hydra thing.

I walked in and smacked the damned thing so hard it decided to run away like the bitch it is. Bad part though…I smacked it right into Yuriel…and it decided to take Yuriel with it.

I dove after it into the sea, but it ended up smacking me back up to the shore. It tried to go even further but, I don’t think it knew how far I could jump. Now, the last time I tried to save Yuriel, I got fucked up. So before I did anything I was considering if it was a good idea. Then I remembered I wasn’t a bitch and that day was just a huge string of bad luck. With all that bad luck I could have nothing but good luck for a damned long time. And shit, that means I should be MORE aggressive. So I went after the bitch ass Hydra thing again.

I used Randalf’s bird as a spring board and was able to get to the Hydra thing. Problem was…it was a quite few feet underwater…and I couldn’t see shit. I tried to swing in it’s general direction but missed. Then it swam even further away…with Yuriel still in it’s mouth. As I swam back up for breath I could hear Yuriel trying to fight it. I didn’t really know Yuriel very well but according to the party, Yuriel could fight farely well so maybe…I don’t know…maybe one day we’ll see Yuriel again.

We continued towards the tower thing that was our original goal. We found some undead dudes in there and fucked them up. I even ended up snagging some sweet bracers that supposedly unlock some arcane potential or some shit, who knows. I put them on and felt stronger. I guess I’ll know what they do the next time I smack something in the face.

We also encountered some holy, angelic blooded, chick in the tower. I uh, don’t have a good track record with angels…so I didn’t know if I could trust the bitch. Then Kurja attacked her. Haha, awesome, someone else who doesn’t trust OR like the bitch. Rin ended up diffusing the situation quite well though. I’m not really sure what the chick is after but, hey, maybe she can get me closer to killing Odysseus with some random quest or information or super item or some shit. Who knows.

Maybe I won’t even find out if Kurja has his way. He want to kill the bitch really bad…

Whatever. Can’t say angels have been overly useful to me in the past.


TrinityLancer Aenaeas

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