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Aenaeas's Journal - Tenth Entry

I talked to Karkillian a bit more today. We ended up talking about my father. He said some weird shit about him. He said that wherever he may be, hell cannot hold him. Turns out he was implying that my dad can’t be killed. Or he may have even been killed once before and he was able to come back.

Reno started talking afterwards about some new nephilim shit. Supposedly there are some people who are nephilim godlings. Basically they’re souls that can become as strong as gods by eliminating their other versions in other realities.

My dad, is a nephilim godling.

Godamn, you badass mother fucker.

Also, since the party has been bouncing back and forth through dimensions and time and in some of those our counterparts have been killed are or dead…we may all be early versions of nephilim godlings.

After we were done chatting we rode Raven, Mars, and Trowa to Alice’s tower to kick her ass and be done with it.

When we got there there was stained glass outside. On them was a red dragon, a black dragon, and Odysseus. We went through a few different rooms that looked the same after that. halfway through the tower some messenger chick, named sora, from bahamut showed up and said Trowa and Mars needed to go on some official business. Whatever, not like we needed them anyways.

We finally catch up to Alice and she has some bullshit magical contraptions giving her buffs.

I bled all over one of them to turn it off but I got sick of it and just started to mash her face in with my spear. That much much more efficient.

When we finished fucking her up the Forrest disappeared and Kurja showed up. I was all pumped to get to kill him this time but, turns out alice’s control over him was gone. What a shame. I mean, uh, that’s…great…uh huh.

We went back to Festaud’s place and ended up interrupting some meeting. A bunch of angel faggots were trying to get her to agree to support the empire. I tried to just leap in and fuck them all up but, the party wanted to talk, AS USUAL. So I hung back, pulled out the Zephyrus, and just waited for someone to fuck up.

Well, long story short. Ignatius walked up to some angel and ripped his fucking hands off. Yuriel kept talking and told them something about Jin. I didn’t really hear what he said but, it made them back off. Bitches ran like dogs with their tails between their legs. Ignatius is fucking awesome.

We were finally able to talk to Festaud again and the bitch agreed to stop supporting the empire. Once she agreed the world got a little hazy and we got teleported forward in time. Another quest bites the dust.

I’m coming for you…Odysseus.


TrinityLancer Aenaeas

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