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Rin Journal 05

While on our way to the dealing that was supposed to go on at the construction site, we met up with a town guard unit. These guys were the best and last unit, led by Corkus, with Pippin as his vice-captain. We decided to stick with them for a while, because being the last town guard unit in a series of attacks against town guard units does not sound at all fun.

Not surprisingly, we were attacked. Surprisingly, they were a Valaes Tairn unit rather than more Bloody Knives posing as River Rats. More Surprisingly, Orpheus Northstar was leading them, declaring that he serves the Wyrmslayer. His presence here might mean that Psyche is also in the area, but that’s just a guess.

Despite our efforts (and a well-placed カート レヴォリューション), the last guard unit was wiped out. I’m sure things would’ve turned out differently if their commander was there…

While the party was occupied with the other troops, Orpheus ran off, carrying Aenaeas. We were concerned for a moment, but after we manage to catch up to them, it looks like Orpheus has begun to think a little more about who it is he’s sworn to serve. He also gave Aenaeas a mercury egg, which are apparently used to mutate those people into dragonoid creatures. That damn Theseus.

When we got to the construction site, it didn’t seem like anyone was there. When the huge construction golem activated, we were quite certain that this was a trap. When it declared its target priorities out loud, it happened to call out those of us who had something stolen in the past few days. Sure enough, Raven’s hunting knife was affixed on top of it. The rest of our stuff was likely inside its core.

Aenaeas leap attacked onto the golem and returned Raven’s knife to him, thus removing Raven from its priority list. Randalf took advantage of its single-minded combat script and dealt massive amounts of damage with his storm pillars. Since I was on its priority list, I kept Randalf out of range of its non-directional lasers. When I tried to climb into the golem to tamper with its core, however, it knocked me off and took me out for the rest of the fight.

After we got our items back, we noticed some magic power remaining in the golem’s core. After some discussion, we decided to use the core’s power on my scimitar and Viktoria’s armor scraps. The armor was completely repaired, and both items became stronger than they were previously.

Naral must have a lot going through his mind right now. He offered me his daughter’s armor, and that’s a great honor to me. I’ll be sure to get this armor back to their ancestral grounds.

When we reported back to Stella, she still wasn’t convinced that we had concrete enough proof about the attacks. The cat that we thought was strange before actually bolted out of the manor. Clearly, this cat is a spy. After a bit of chasing, we end up in River Rat territory, and run into a girl named Inira Montoy. Raven killed her father. This has potential to not end well.


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