Yuuya Heartsong

Eladrin Ghaele of Winter


A stunning red-haired elf with icy blue eyes, she carries herself with a graceful and well-mannered air.

Her voice is light and cute, and her body is surprisingly developed in the right places. Her long ears go up and outward.

She carries a long curved blade on her back that she calls “Icingdeath” and wears lighter leather armor. In the city of Mithrendain, she took a battle-dress from the Southstar armory. It is not known if she is adept with the sword.

Yuuya has a strong mastery of ice magics and is an adept healer. She shares a special bond with Aenaeas Southstar and they are nearly immune to each other’s personal magic fields. As both of them are very powerful mages, while they fight, they both passively exude deadly magical energies.


Originally from the world of Rune-Midgard, entered a portal to find her lost love, Aenaeas Southstar and found Eberron. Traveling Khorvaire and occasionally acting as ambassador between the material plane and Thelanis, the Emerald Dream, she searched for nearly 300 years. Her and Aenaeas were reunited in the year 996 YK.

Yuuya has grown much in maturity, experience, and power while Aenaeas was gone. But still, she retains her youthful demeanor.

Her faithful bear, Roan, who traveled with her in Rune-Midgard is nowhere to be found. No one has asked.

Much is a mystery about Yuuya Heartsong. At present, she is happy to be reunited with Aenaeas. And though she watched Aeros Highblade lost to time, it doesn’t seem to affect her deeply.

Yuuya Heartsong

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