6’7" aasimar with long lightblue hair and darkblue eyes


Found on the outskirts of Hycael, Crowe was taken in by Ikato’s parents. Following his childhood into young adulthood, he quickly befriended many of the other children and became well known around the village for his sharp eyes. Due to a desperate magic spell cast by Aayla Stark before nearly dying, both Crowe and Bardan were thrust into the future as younger versions of themselves. After regaining his past memories, he now works with Grey Company. His past identity, Eisolon, was a dexterous deva, unlike the wise angel Crowe is. During his time with Grey Company, he developed a relationship with Kyrie “Cairo” Rooks, along with the misunderstandings of people who don’t realize she’s a girl who likes wearing men’s clothing. Crowe was killed and reborn recently with a physical age of a middle schooler, and is trying to gain back his memories while attending the Rekkenmark Academy.

His best friend is Ikato, another Aasimar, like him. Crowe would often get into trouble because of him, but the two of them would always come out, safe and relatively unharmed. Ikato possesses an uncanny common sense.


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