Son of Alice


Journal Entry on Yuriel:

The 3rd of Eyre, the fourth month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1015

A mysterious 16-year old boy named Yuriel found his way to the Brelish city of Sharn. His affinity to air magics, especially in the magic-rich city, made him quite popular, entertaining and traveling with adventuring guilds, eventually landing a position in the prominent Grey Company.

He proclaimed he was born to Alice, a famous Portal Mage from the Storm Crows guild, and a Wind Angel named Jin. Before then, he was raised by the Storm Crows on another plane of existence, a fact that baffled and perturbed his arcane peers. Time and again, however, he proved connection to the Storm Crows, showed knowledge of planes outside of the Material, and demonstrated his angelic heritage. The magic he excels in is the channeling of ancient spirits known as vestiges, giving him a wide variety of skills.

Having a knack for animals, he has tamed a hippogryph from Valenar named Arrakiss and a young air elemental said to be a gift from his father. He has also demonstrated the ability to speak to creatures of air.

Through the magics of the mage known as the Skeleton Key, Yuriel has met with his alleged father, Jin, the God of the Dark Wind. He has bested him in combat and halted his mission to seek and destroy all those that bear the title of Alice.

Defeating the red Alice of Spades, a powerful apparition, Yuriel has assimilated her powers and carries the title of Alice. Yuriel is on friendly terms with the blue Alice of Diamonds, Vae, a borderline insane man, wracked with the guilt of his failed service. He has been mentored by the green Alice of Clubs, a powerful necromancer named Clover Dantus. Finally, he is said to have been raised by the twin Alices of Hearts, Alice and Rengar.

His greatest enemy is a mercury dragon named Theseus, with connections to House Northwind.

As of writing this journal entry, he resides in the territory known as the Eldeen Reaches, a powerful member of the druidic sect called the Gatekeepers. He married with a human named Eva, over a year ago.

…Though his peers found it strange that other planes exist, I do not. His story, if it holds true at all, means that the creature known as Yuriel was born in Dal Quor, the realm of dreams. It is entirely possible that Yuriel is not an angel at all, instead a powerful force of will created by someone or… something.

The Immortal Angel Jin has been a servant of the Northwind House for centuries.

That creature’s physiology is such that he cannot bear children.

And though the creature known as Yuriel bears a lesser threat to my gathering of the fragments of the Spiral Scroll, the Gatekeepers are. I have created, with my hexes, a shade from the residuum within his discarded eye-cloth, along with shades from all of his companions at the time they met with me. Stamping out the threat of the Knights of the Yellow Rose is as easy as controlling a city or country. Once their resources are depleted, they will shrivel and die. I, Psyche, shall gift their fall to Lord Bahamut. No longer will I be inferior to my sister, Kuria.


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