Cairo Rooks

Sleepy-eyed Raven Shifter


A black haired, tall and thin androgynous raven shifter. She wears two bandoleers filled with several daggers and carries a single shortsword. She dresses in form gripping leather, with plenty of belts.

Being a master mimicker, she often uses a gender neutral voice, preferring to dress and act like a young male soldier, to avoid any anti-female bias.


When fighting, Cairo prefers to lurk in hiding and attack from the shadows. She excels at finding and holding onto extremely difficult-to-find information. She enjoys sleeping.

After coming to terms with her relationship with Crowe of Hycael, she uses her normal voice, but her vernacular remains excessively male.

Her full name is Kyrie Rooks. Her father’s name is Egypt, a masterful member of a thieves guild called the 7 Ravens. However, Egypt was killed fighting a dragon of the Empire named Macbeth.

Cairo Rooks

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