Brin of the Chi'vax

Dragon Shaman of the Chi'vax Tribe


4’10" shifter with purple hair, yellow eyes, and some tribal markings


Brin is from a family of Shifters who lived among the Chi’vax, a Dragonblood tribe in Q’barra. From an early age, she has had a connection to the dragon spirits, and thus became a Speaker of the tribe. Of the spirits, Brin has a close affinity for Shadow Dragons. During one of her tribe’s rites, that affinity became a bond. The shadows would watch over her and protect her for her devotion to them.

As a Speaker, Brin was almost never brought along when fellow tribesmen were sent out to hunt. Her duties left her with a lot of free time, for the most part. She only needed to devote a couple of hours every day to prayer and meditation to the dragon spirits, and every so often, she’d participate in various ceremonies for special occasions.

This free time allowed Brin to socialize with the rest of the tribe, as the Elder believes that a connection with the tribesmen is as important for a Speaker as a connection with the spirits. She became close with two people in particular; Disatot and Mao. Disatot caught Brin’s attention when she saw him training one day. All of his movements while fighting looked awkward. His stance, his dodges, even the way he grips his weapons. He claims it’s easier his way, but everything about his style looks off-balance, and full of holes. Mao befriended Brin ‘because she noticed her.’ Her features are rather plain. As such, she doesn’t stick out in people’s minds and is forgotten easily, though people interact with her normally.

Brin joined Grey Company after her tribe rooted out a cult devoted to The Fury in cooperation with a Grey Company unit led by Kosius Aldrich. He offered to enlist several tribesmen, and the Elder decided that this would be a good opportunity for some of the youth of the tribe. Nine in total were chosen, including Brin, Disatot and Mao. Everyone was well-received after the initial culture shock, though Brin did notice that some of the veteran officers looked at her strangely.

Shortly after joining, Brin became acquainted with Kosius, as well as two other officers; Remyl Dragonslayer and Yuuya Heartsong. Kosius is rather distant, though he always seems to be preoccupied with some form of paperwork or another. Remyl and Yuuya, on the other hand, are rather fond of Brin, and it seems that it’s because of them that she gained the nickname of ‘Modesty’ within Grey Company. A lot of the soldiers greet Brin as they pass by her in the hallways, particularly the older officers.

Brin of the Chi'vax

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