Voluntas Atrum d'Phiarlan


Abandoned by his father, Voluntas grew up in Sharn. He was drawn to the guitar and enjoyed telling stories about heroes and honorable battles from the past. He was raised by his mother and her paladin order, being told the entire time that his father’s entire family were honorless dogs. He studied books he found in the library on swordmages to honor his father but, found no record of him. One day Voluntas received a sword, journal, and letter from his mother. She told him she had been holding on to it for his father and, it was time for him to read it and find out the truth about his father.

“If you are reading this, I have failed my family. I was foolish to think I could protect you forever. I know you will not understand this but, take up my sword and seek out those who worked with me. They will explain everything to you. Study the journal I left you diligently. It will teach you how to fight better than those paladin bitches have been teaching you. Tell your mother I love her and I’m sorry things had to be this way. You are strong, I have seen it. You will go farther then I ever could…”

Voluntas was confused by the fact that his Mother and her order of paladins, the supposed symbols of truth and justice, had lied to him about his own father. Not knowing what to believe anymore Voluntas set out to find the truth with nothing but hope and his father’s sword.

Voluntas Atrum d'Phiarlan

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