Raven Fallencrest


Raven Fallencrest, 6"2’ dragonblood originally from Midgard.
Red hair, green eyes, and a massive build that seems unfitting for his comical personality.


Raven’s main goal is to protect those he trusts in any circumstance. He loathes those who can protect yet chooses to harm them instead. Before jumping worlds, Raven started as a low sorcerer.

Adventuring with the Crimson Rose, he accompanied Yuuya Heartsong, Aenaeas Southstar, Captain Aeros Falcone Highblade, the Haphazard Kevendimas Wolfsmane of Grand Ideas, and the Psionic Warrior Kayla “Kalek” Winters. During his adventures, he obtained an intelligent sword that contained a demon dragon. Almost being killed in action, Raven was pulled through a portal into Eberron, where he found his sorcerer powers missing, and he drew in immensely bad luck to all those around him. Raven became a Shadowsun Ninja, adventuring with a group called the Rekkenmark Wolves. During the Selaani Rebellion, Raven lost the sword and regained his powers as a sorcerer. In the Eberron world, Raven then learns from Bahamut and from his ally, Kur’ja, that he is a reborn dragon that used to be part of Bahamut’s Royal Guard.

He now adventures with Rin Whitesoul, the Beast Princess Katarina, a Hextech Doctor, Aenaeas Southstar, and the Lord of Blades, Ignatius.

Raven Fallencrest

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