Rin Whitesoul


5’6" human woman with auburn hair and green eyes.


Originally a Sorceress from the world of Midgard, Rin has spent the latter half of her life in Eberron after a tragedy separated her from her friends and guardians. She found in the Mournland and was taken in by a mercenary guild called the Rekkenmark Wolves. She took the surname Whitesoul, which belonged to Graves, her primary guardian. She did what she could to find her friends while working for the Wolves.

As the years passed, Rin continued her search. Karrnath became her home, the Wolves her family. She began to develop ability with divine power, and regained a small measure of her sorcery, as well. She had premonitions that led to the discovery of a total of four other people in the Mournland who came from Midgard: Shin, Aeros, Aenaeas, and Raven. None of them were people Rin knew, but they were likable, and the presence of others from her old world gave her renewed hope.

The four of them went with her on missions for a time, and during one such mission, she finally found someone she had been looking for – Graves, of all people. Overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the event, she manifested a Dragonmark at that moment. The joy was short-lived, as he had no memory of her or the others they had traveled with together.

Just as suddenly as Graves had returned to her, he was taken away once more. Though she did not witness it, she knew it was so. In her grief, an elf calling himself Osiris came to her, offering to grant a request. The only thing on her mind was to get Graves back once again.

During the research for magic that would bring him back, Rin was deceived into fighting for Osiris’s cause through subtle manipulation. She became a general of his army, putting down the Selani Rebellion until Raven was able to finally break Osiris’s hold on her. Unable to continue in Osiris’s service, but not wanting to fight against the friends she had made while in his ranks, she joins the strange travelers that found Raven and herself.

Her soul has left her body after a surprise attack orchestrated by the dragon, Theseus.

Rin Whitesoul

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