Aenaeas Southstar



Bio-A tall elf with Blue eyes and silver hair. A Heartless, coldblooded, and single minded killer. Would give his life for the party and Yuuya. Thinks honor is for bitches and bitches will never gain his respect. Respects only a select few.

Favorite quote-“A warrior may throw himself into battle for honor’s sake but, a chieftain is responsible for far more.”- Chieftain Wintergale

Interpretation-Honor is for bitches who don’t have anyone to protect.

Backstory-Born in Geffen as a Prince of the Southstar tribe, Aenaeas entered the magical academy there and graduated first in his class. Odysseus graduated second and seemed to always be jealous of Aenaeas’s success. He was branded with an arcane tattoo that showed his completion with honors of the curriculum at the academy. He was also entrusted with his father’s staff, the Zephyrus, and was very adept with the arcane arts. At least, at first he was.

An event that Aenaeas did not understand caused most of the magic in the world to be lost. The world was plunged into an era where anyone who could cast a spell was hunted down and experimented on to figure out what had happened. This event was a major turning point for Aenaeas. He became even more impulsive and prone to anger than he was before. Upon losing most of his magic his father’s staff was useless to him as a weapon.

Aenaeas took his father’s staff to a family blacksmith and grafted a blade onto the end and turned it into a makeshift longspear. Around this time is when he started adventuring with Yuuya Heartsong, Captain Aeros Falcone Highblade, Prince Shin of Prontera, and Kalek. There were stories circulating at the time that someone who was adept with the arcane arts was being hunted down. Aenaeas, being the way he was, thought he was being hunted. He soon found out that Raven was the one being hunted and Raven was the one who could still cast some magic. This hurt Aenaeas deeply. He felt as if he was unimportant. But the companionship with the party made him overcome this. He became very good friends with Aeros and Raven. He also lusted after Yuuya.

The next stage of his life is where he gained the title, Wymslayer. Aenaeas’s reputation preceded him. He was well known as prince Southstar, the Wyrmslayer. He took the scales from the dragon he killed and took it back to geffen to have a dragon helmet and suit of armor crafted for him. Odysseus, however, had a different plan in mind.

After waiting for far too long for his armor, Aenaeas and company were back in geffen. Aenaeas requested the helmet and armor and was told it was ready. Upon receiving it though, he was suspicious. It turned out his suspicions were well founded when the armor and helmet exploded. Trapped. By Odysseus. Yuuya was also missing.

The next part of Aenaeas’s life is when he was branded as a traitor. Upon going to see Odysseus about the armor with Aeros, they came upon a rally organized by Odysseus where he had Yuuya captured and in chains. The rally was organized to declare Aeros and Aenaeas as traitors. The party had to flee and spent the rest of their time trying to reunite with Yuuya and clear their names.

Throughout that process Aenaeas saw the fires of hell twice and even lost his spear. The first time he was brought back to life as a vampire and given a cursed spear, the black lance. These were the darkest times for Aenaeas. He worked with demons and killed vampire hunters. Killed indiscriminately. This part of his life is what cemented his reputation of being a heartless killer.

The second time he died, he woke up by unknown means sometime later with the rest of the party. This time he was more in touch with the magic he had once had. He reforged his father’s staff and spear and began his quest to reunite with Yuuya and kill Odysseus once again. But he was in a new world. He had woken up in Eberron.

In this world he was met with old names but, everyone was different. It was like an alternate dimension where the same people existed but lived different lives. There was an Aenaeas in this world as well but, it was said that he had deserted his people and had been killed. Because of this when Aenaeas introduced himself he was met with very negative reception. Nothing new for him though. There was also another Yuuya in this world. Sadly though, she was young. Aenaeas could be her grandfather. She still felt a connection to him however, so Aenaeas made it a goal to protect her because he couldn’t help but feel connected to her as well.

Throughout his travels he heard that his Yuuya was in this world as well. The Yuuya he fell in love with. He searched for her and finally, after much hardship, they were reunited once again. Yuuya said she had been looking for Aenaeas for over 300 years.

Shortly after their short lived reunion, they were organizing a rebellion against Odysseus in the forests of Valenar. They were attacked by angels. The party was able to fight through the attackers but they were separated.

Aenaeas, Yuuya, and Aeros were face to face with Odysseus and Romulus, a big red dragon. Odysseus had openned a portal back to their original world and said he planned to destroy it. He taunted Aenaeas, saying he should stay behind since if he followed only more of his friends would die. Even Yuuya told Aenaeas to let it go, that Odysseus wasn’t telling the truth. Aenaeas told Yuuya that he would not be the man she fell in love with if he let Odysseus get away. The three of them chased Odysseus through the portal only to fall into some type of arcane portal trap. Aeros got separated from Yuuya and Aenaeas.

Yuuya had been studying ways to dispel the defensive magic Odysseus had been specializing in and probably thanks to that, with the help of some life force from Aenaeas, the two of them were able to escape the trap and ended up in the portal town of Sigil.

Now the two of them are in the town of Mithrendain. They were greeted by Aenaeas’s cousin, Amon, and granted stay in the Southstar manor. They also heard that old friends Raven, Shin, and Rin are in town. Supposedly they are traveling in a new group accompanied by new faces by the names of Genlonerus, son of a minotaur king, and Shade, some rogue they hooked up with.

So now Aenaeas is back with his friends and family, on the hunt for Odysseus once again. It seems like the spell Yuuya casted sucked most of the magic that was left in Aenaeas out but, he feels stronger. Its like his strength grew exponentially to fill the void left by the lack of magic. His muscles have been aching for a chance to wrap his hands around Odysseus’s neck. That aching has strengthened them, tempered them. He feels the strongest he has ever felt and he plans to put that new found strength to good use.

Aenaeas Southstar

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