Shin Asakura (deceased)


A Teal eyed, Teal haired dragonborn. His left eye is usually covered either by his hair or some sort of mask. Never is seen with out his Katana and Wakazashi. Looks quite scary.


Shin Asakura, the Prince of Prontera, currently trapped in another time. Beneath his arrogant exterior, he is a calm and collected fighter. Shin rarely thinks highly of people, as he only respects those who have earned it. Born and raised a fighter, he is always looking to fight a worthy opponent. While Shin may seem to care less about his party, he is loyal and would never do anything to put them in a situation they couldn’t handle.

Shin has adventured with many worthy allies including (but not limited too), Tanimar Frostmorne, Anubis, and Eros Highblade.

Shin has been on the brink of death more than once. The last one of those times is what has gotten him into his current situation. When he awoke he found himself in the world of Eberron and was taken into the Rekkenmark Wolves. Always looking for a good fight, Shin has decided to stay and help in anyway possible while hoping to find a way back to his world.

As Shin has been defeated by many who have wielded the power of Ice, Shin has an instant dislike of any one who uses Ice powers.

He was finally killed in battle, holding off the dragon, Remus, thus allowing his allies to escape.

Shin Asakura (deceased)

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