The Dragon's Spy


A shady and sullen man who gives off the aura that he doesn’t want to be talked to.

He wears a cowboy hat and long hair, hiding his elven ears. He prefers to wear a cloth over his nose and mouth, perhaps to obscure his breathing.

He carries a heavy crossbow over his back and has a flintlock pistol with a single shot in a holster on his side. He also carries a medium-length sword.


Damascus is a bit socially inept when not on a mission, and his allies, especially Eisolon, cover for him. Brin Chi’vax managed to corner him by using unorthodox tactics and seduction. Otherwise, he is an excellent spy, assassin, and thief. He is also a crack shot with his crossbow.

Born Piaculum Atrum d’Phiarlan, Damascus has had many names. Working as a member of the Cyran adventuring company, the Unvanquished, he was known as Piccolo. Later as an agent for Julietta, he took the name Zhaleik Tallasht, sometimes pretending to be Julietta.

Exiled from his family for taking a Draconic patron, Damascus eventually cut ties with his son Voluntas and wife Frena in order to take a world-changing mission from his patron, Julietta.

Taking the title “Damascus of Julietta”, he seeks to end the red Dragon threat that is Romulus.

But is his mission that simple?


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