Corinne was born in servitude to the Amberguard family, a once wealthy and continually declining noble line. Luckily, her mistress was a naturally sweet and quiet noblewoman named Rie. Rie is also a static NPC with no character development, who is perfectly good as a storybook princess. Rie, being several years older, acted more as a doting older sister than as a master, which only caused a stubborn Corinne to insist that she do her job as a servant, or else “it would make her mother in heaven cry.”

When Rie turned 16, the Amberguard family arranged Rie’s marriage to the wealthy rich suitor to offer. In order to stay with her mistress, Corinne hid in Rie’s carriage luggage. The moving and crying chest had to be opened after about 10 minutes leaving the house, due to Corinne’s motion sickness.

Anyway, after a mishap with some of the traps around the new Master’s house, it was found that Corinne had a special affinity for arcane automatons and construction, similar to a dragonmarked heir from House Cannith. She was blessed by the machine spirits.

As fortune turned out, the master of the house was a devil-worshipping sorceress who decided to summon demonic tinkerers and creators in order to teach Corinne to be her personal artificer. In exchange for her servitude, Corinne made the sorceress promise never to discard Lady Rie. Corinne, in turn, agreed to undergo the ritual to bind herself to the sorceress as her familiar.

In only a few years, the young artificer transformed what was once the mansion’s dungeon into a gigantic workshop, filled with cogs, steaming contraptions, and useless unreadable meters. As a familiar, she ages at the same rate as her master, who doesn’t age much at all. Sharing in her resistances, she can also work with volatile demonic materials, such as flesh and bile, without putting herself at risk.

Her demeanor depends on how Rie is treated, but it is likely that Corinne will try to befriend adventurers and try to help them in any way she can. She makes strange items with questionable usefulness. She can also repair weapons and armor (though a strange unreadable meter or a haphazard paint job may come with it). Any item she makes for the party, whether commissioned or not, has a biopunk/steampunk flair.

Her one exceptional trait is her affinity for machines. When she tinkers with machines, they always work, even if her methods seem unorthodox. If appropriate to your game, she yells, “WAAAAGH” at Orcs or half-orcs, trying to get them to yell back.


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