Cystenian "Sten" d'Orien

Hostile zone courier and transporter


Name: Cystenian “Sten” d’Orien
Stage Name: MAC-Sten
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 30 (appearance and human age)
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 175 lbs
App: Brown skin, some what baggy but comfortable mix of traveling/bard clothes
House Orien, Courier Guild


(Character was used in the Exalted of Twelve campaign.)

“Cystenian (kuh STEN yen) d’Orien of the Courier’s Guild at yo service. Call me Sten. Just gimme a where and a when… I got ya covered all the way.”

Sten d’Orien was born to a human mother and an elven father (separated). His mother, Leona, was a member of House d’Orien; a very independent and strong-willed woman. His father, Iruka “De La Zaar,” a well traveled elven musician/teacher. Hailing from the Lhazaar Principalities, Iruka plied his craft with the most peculiar style of performance, utilizing, along with his voice, a strange rectangular instrument. It had 2 orbs on either end of it facing one way with a smaller rectangle in between them. The orbs seemed to bounce and emit a crisp, resonant sound of musical beats to which Iruka would add his own rhymed lyrics on the fly; referred to as “rapping” and the instrument a “boom box,” the style was gaining some following amongst other bards for the freedom and fluidity with which you can perform and get a message across.

Due to the nature of Iruka’s preferred profession and his home environs, Iruka was not home often. This led to a separation between Leona and Iruka, with Leona having Sten most of the year in Passage. However, Sten was old enough to remember his father’s lyrical melodies and how he would bring music and entertainment to tenement slums and other various lower class areas where crime and gangs roamed openly. Sten showed much potential in the arcane mechanical studies, talented in learning how to work on conductor stones, engine bindings and other various skills, it was deemed that Sten himself would one day be an excellent conductor or chief engineer. But his father’s free spirit and tough street mentality gave way to a unruly trait in Sten. Sure, he was intelligent and talented, but had much to go in the way of obedience and temperance. His mother was no slouch in discipline but knew that the boy needed his father to complete the equation. “Sten, you have infinite roads ahead of you. However, you have the skills to choose any one of them.”

Sten was sent to live with Iruka at around age 8 at Gold Gate, Sharn, an urban tenement project. With his father, Sten grew up learning his style of music and rapping, how to compose melodies, beats and lyrics, and what it meant to show compassion and humility alongside fortitude and toughness. As time carried on, Sten became accustomed to traveling with his father to various job sites, many of them very hostile zones where there was much suffering. Iruka instilled in his son through his work that music has no boundary, that people wherever they are, can be uplifted in some form or another. One of the things Iruka talked about most was Leona, and the House Orien. He regrets not being as in touch with her and House Orien as he would like because House Orien and their Guilds represent the interconnection of peoples, cultures and lands, which he felt was an ultimate form of living for Khorvaire and the people. “Live fo’ the land, the people an’ life itself my son” his father used to tell him.

Time wore on, and Sten grew into a man of many philosophies and experiences. Iruka met his end in a violent conflict between Valenar and Talenta marauders while teaching music to an impoverished settlement, passing down his ever trusty GHETTO BLASTER to Sten before leaving on that fated trip. Crushed by the loss of his father, Sten packed everything he could, and returned to his mother in Passage. During the mourning period, Sten told his mother, “I want to deliver a message to Khorvaire. I want to deliver dad’s message.” Hearing this, Leona thought of the perfect way to help her son: The Courier’s Guild of House Orien. She knew he had the toughness to head into hostile territories to do work, he just needed to smooth the rough edges. Trained to bear messages and important items to various clients in conflict zones and remote areas, Sten became known for taking jobs that other couriers wouldn’t even want to look at. Via his new angle in life he was able to travel to many areas, utilizing his father’s style of music to bring his own messages and philosophies to the various peoples across Khorvaire.

Cystenian "Sten" d'Orien

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