Davinci d'Thurrani

The Painter


Type: Dark Elf
Strength: D
Dexterity: B
Constitution: C+
Intelligence: C
Wisdom: B
Charisma: B

Trained: Athletics, History, Religion, Thievery


  • At-Will: Silver Arrow, Resto Shot
  • Encounter: Turn Undead, Vengeful Flare
  • Daily: Moment of Glory


  • Mastercraft navy blue Studded Leather armor,
  • Lhaazar-wood shortbow,
  • Ornate mace depicting an elven skull (never used)

(Character was used in the Exalted of Twelve campaign.)

Davinci is a pureblood elf with a deep brown skin color, with hair a stark white

  • Doesn’t talk much
  • Runic white tattoos mark his arms and chest, normal for Xendrik drow
  • Clothes suggest a Lhazaar style
  • Brooch fastened to olive green cloak depicts a stylized Displacer Beast, the herald of House Thurrani

Davinci d'Thurrani

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