Dead Eye

The Arrow Amidst the Thorns


Hair: Brown Blonde, 6 o’clock shadow
Notable: Several small scars on face, most noticeable down center of face, stopping between eyes
Build: Athletic musculature, well developed arm and back muscles befitting an archer
Eberron Birthplace: Q’barra (though obviously of Karrnathi descent)

Also of note: DeadEye bears an uncanny resemblance to ex-General Viraul of Arkhosia.


Dead-Eye is a mercenary from the Q’barran Forest Bow tribe, where Brin also originates. There, he learned to survive in the harsh jungles, even without help from his peers who judged him as an outcast.

He uses a shortbow or bothhand’s a hand-and-a-half sword. Watching him fight is a bit strange. His best friends were Genloneras and Crowe, from Grey Company’s FirstTower Squad. He was engaged as a child to his friend Mao.

He and his fiancee were killed during a critical scouting mission during the Warwood campaign. A greataxe cleaved into his skull, the cut going as far as between his eyes.

After his death, he fell to Acheron, the Eternal Battlefield. There, he slew stragglers and deserters in order to survive, mastering a massive greatbow, a keepsake from the fallen Elven hero, Larethian. His fate was changed on the day he met and killed an angel servitor of the Draconic Pantheon. Using his newfound strength, he was inscripted into the ranks of Vladimir’s Wolves alongside General Brannigan.

Falling deeper into the depths of hell, he continues to serve as Vladimir’s officer and the fiancee to his daughter in the city of Balic. The angel’s quest, still weighs heavily on his mind, its last words being “with my power, you must recover the lost soul of the dragon known as Truth.”

Dead Eye

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