Gladitorial Beserker


Great Destiny (L9; 4200 GP)
Genloneras cannot be killed or disabled by a coup de grace. Further, it only costs half as much resources to cure Gen from death or disability.

Malnourished Body Disadvantage
Push, pull, and slide effects are increased by 1 square. This increase is mandatory. Gen’s weight is a fraction of a normal minotaur, though his physical abilities are hardly affected.

Roots and Leaves
Genloneras can absorb nutrients from the soil, sun, and water to sustain himself.


Genloneras, the fallen prince… Blood son of the Beast King, the Blind Prophet King, Karkillian. As a child, captured by Dhakaani goblins and made to fight as a gladiator in Darguun. Able to buy his freedom, he eventually found work as a mercenary in the Grey Company, a small but growing adventurer’s guild in Sharn, with a prestigious history. Surviving multiple campaigns and suffering the death of his two best friends, Disatot and Mao, he was eventually killed while on an expedition on the fey realm of Thelanis.


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