Sir Ignatius Marcus

Warforged paladin


Sir Ignatius Marcus, warforged paladin of Sharn, Breland.
Age: 50(mental)
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 423 lbs.


A warforged designed to be a frontline bulwark for assault squads who are meant to strike strategic points with as much violence and firepower as tactically possible, Ignatius knew not much else other than being a warfighter. After The Last War ran its course, Ignatius was left with a certain void in his being as there were no wars to wage. Left in a sentry unit on the Breland/Thrane border, a certain young commissar from the nation of Thrane was rolling through on a mission to pacify heretics in the west. The commissar’s name was Jerulas, fresh from the Schola Tactica and partaking in a sort of unofficial initiation mission for new full fledged commissars. Commissar Jerulas took an odd peculiar interest in Ignatius, as he had only read of the warforged in his studies but had never seen one in person. Ignatius had only somewhat become accustomed to life without war, and had grown to be more questioning of his current purpose in life. Little did Ignatius know this encounter would provide a major change to his life.

Jerulas, unable to contain his youthful excitement upon meeting a warforged for the first time, impulsively began an almost mechanic like inspection of Ignatius. The warforged, whose relative mental age was that of a 50 year old veteran became exasperated with the young man before him. “Lad, what is your major malfunction? State your name and purpose!” exclaimed Ignatius, to which Jerulas merely grinned and replied, “I am Commissar Jerulas of Thrane, and I have purpose. But what is ‘your purpose’ WAR-forged? There are none.” Ignatius’s logic and memory circuits almost overloaded with the notion. The sentry officer with Ignatius swears to this day he saw Ignatius’s eyes spark with a human-like flare.
“I… I only know war, believed it to be a constant, believed it to always continue…”
“Ah but war does indeed continue my friend!”
“How so?”
“A war… for souls!”
“Souls? The mortal equivalent of my spark?”
“Man or machine, troll or Deva, it matters not. We all have an inner essensce, a force inside us that drives us to do what we do. Our world herself has a soul. The war for souls is all around us, almost infinite are its battles. There are those who seek to crush those souls and the soul of our world, plunging us into oblivion and damnation. I wage war to prevent such calamity… and so can you, dear warforged.”
Commissar Jerulas continued on his mission, leaving Ignatius to figure out his message. Having most of his logic circuits still operating at optimal levels, Ignatius began at square one; from the beginning. Into the heart of Sharn did Ignatius begin his search for motivation and purpose, into Sharn did Ignatius come to know a greater power than that he knew in war; “Prime…”

Step forward a little over a decade since that fateful encounter with the young Commissar Jerulas…
“Another patrol mission into those damned lands, Sir Ignatius?”
“Aye lads.” As Sir Ignatius Marcus, Paladin of Bahamut(Optimus) Prime hailing from Sharn in Breland, unsheathes his faithful blade…
“Into the Mournlands we ride lads! We shall know no fear! Charge!”

Sir Ignatius Marcus

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