Jeanluc d'Deneith (deceased)


(Character was used in the Exalted of Twelve campaign.)

  • Though of Aundairian blood, was raised in Karrnath due to birth location and parents’ occupations
  • Father is a tactical genius, graduate of the Rekkenmark Academy, Krauss Hachette Deneith
  • Mother is an Aundarian noblewoman named Jeanne ir’Laroche. Colloquially, she was called the Earthshaper and specialized in earth magic in order to fortify Karrnathi battlement defenses

Earth Shield (daily). Interrupt.
Burst 5. 1 ally. Effect: Grants an ally total concealment.

  • Parents are sentries in Stormreach
  • Has 4 sisters:
    • Eldest Claire, once powerful swordswoman, but a mission accident rendered her rapier arm useless. She now is a powerful player in Brelish house politics
    • Second eldest Mara is calm and cool, specializing in water bending
    • Younger sister Terra is quiet, but stubborn. She is an Earthshaper, like her mother
    • Flamme is the youngest sister, wields a poleaxe, and is a proponent of the Silver Flame
  • Was killed in battle (session 1; 01/29/2011) by a mysterious summoner of ravens.

Jeanluc d'Deneith (deceased)

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