Katrin of Droaam


On her main hand, she wears a ring gifted to her by 3 cloaked fiends, asking to be looked upon favorably, by the Beast King.

Katrin carries a +4 Elukian Clay Rifle made by demonic artificers. It is strengthened by her willpower and her sense of moral duty. The weapon was destroyed in the fight against Romulus.

She wears a Tenebrous Shroud, a black cloak that protects her from the cold. It was gifted to her by Reno, and it protects and absorbs dark magic and common dangers of the Shadowfell and certain parts of Khyber. The shroud lost its magic after Reno was assassinated.

The Beast King rewarded Katrin for her service with an Beastlord Feyhide Armor, a suit made from strange unearthly hides. The aura it gives off is unmistakably that of a champion to the Beast King. In the Demon Wastes, the left side of the armor was damaged by an enchanted scimitar. Further, the slash formed a deep scar.

Beastlord’s Chosen Stalker: Katrin’s Paragon Path

(Based loosely on Beast Stalker)

Beastlord’s Stalker Action (11th Level): When you spend an AP to take an extra action, you gain a +4 bonus to attacks against your quarry until the start of your next turn. [no change]

Chosen Prey (11th level): At the start of each day choose one of the following keywords: beast, magical beast, humanoid, or dragon. Deal extra damage to quarried creatures of the chosen kind equal to your dexterity modifier (+6). [Power overhauled] [This counts as an item bonus]

Action Shift (16th level): After you spend an AP to take an extra action, you can teleport 1 square as a minor action until the end of the encounter. [Is teleport instead of shift]

Spiraling Pinpoint Arrow (Stalker Attack 11). Two attacks. Vs Reflex instead of AC. Also ignores superior cover. [power changed completely]

Hunter’s Grace (Stalker Utility 12). Effect: Make a Stealth check and use that as your initiative check result. All shifts this encounter are instead teleports. If you get the first turn in the encounter, you can teleport up to your speed as a free action before taking any other actions. [power changed completely]

Beastlord’s Target (Stalker Attack 16). Two attacks.


Katrin of Droaam

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