Shadow Caster Ally


A near-identical twin of Raven, with black pupils and black horns jutting out of his head. Kurja’s mortal form is just as tall and his black armor is a stark contrast to Raven’s white.

When he speaks, it’s with a raspy voice and is usually pessimistic or sarcastic.

Kurja attacks utilizing nearby shadows or by invisible force. He can drain life force and away from helpless creatures and has once before temporarily trapped a mortal soul.


Once sealed as a sort of demon, Tallin journeyed with Raven as a spirit within the Dragon Sword. As Raven developed, the sword formed a symbiotic relationship with him, that encouraged him to violence and powers over shadows and darkness.

Meeting up with Rin, the sword sensed a familiar soul and appeared to her and Raven as Caliburn, a shadowy pseudo-dragon avatar.

When the sword was lost into Eberron, it was recovered by a woman named Frena Firstlight, seduced by the flesh demon Naarash to keep the sword sealed.

Released once again by the Q’barran Bloodspeaker Brin, the sword formed a pact with her, introducing itself as Kurja. Using her powers, Kurja grew greatly in strength. He further recruited three more powerful warlocks from the Chi’vax tribe. After the Warwood campaign, Kurja gained his current form, that of Raven Fallencrest, with dark eyes and horns.

After using Brin to recover artifacts necessary to get back into contact with Rin and Raven, he left her behind.

Greatly strengthened, Kurja assisted in the fight where Raven and Rin would have died. Further, he unsealed a portion of Raven’s draconic blood, and informed Rin of the duality of her soul.


Talinoskurja and Rixenstrasz were once twin generals under a powerful dragon tyrant named Bahamut. As gods on Eberron, they held the portfolios of Mayhem and Battle. Talinos fell into disfavor, causing a schism in the court, eventually triggering the downfall of Bahamut’s empire. Thousands of years later, the two were reborn, but have yet to fulfill their great destinies.

Kurja fights to restore his beloved, a dragon named Nerinaliah, and to wreak vengeance upon Bahamut and those still loyal to him. Using a forbidden power to drain life force, he commits murders and other atrocities in order to gain strength.

He rarely uses his true name, now taking the half-name, Kurja. He travels often with Raven, the reincarnation of his twin brother, Rixenstrasz. He often calls Rin Whitesoul, “Scorpius”, a nickname once used for a companion in the past.

He has bad blood with Vae, and becomes violently enraged in his presence.

Kurja is still on good terms with Troanaxxia, a golden dragon of Bahamut’s court. Though enemies, she has chosen not to physically attack Kurja and his party, even going as far as forcing Mars to assist the party when attacked by draconic hex magic. Outwardly, Trowa despises Kurja, suggesting a deeper history between them.


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