Midhir (deceased)




This artificer has within him pure demon blood from a klurichir. His true form has a second set of arms, ending in four fingered claws, and two powerful blood-red wings. The demonic feature that he cannot hide is a powerful set of jaws and a mouth on his abdomen.

The artificer has the power to form vestigial stumps of flesh via hextechnology, powered by his own life force. His most powerful skill of this nature is forcing an ally to grow wings.

Born in the Demon Wastes, he was raised in a tiefling society named Bael Turath. Working as a free-lance adventurer, he has met with many of the most intelligent hextech artificers in Eberron, most of which who are working for the Crimson Lotus guild. Even still, he has denied the offer to join them.

After joining the Wyrmslayer party, he was killed in a surprise attack by the dragon, Theseus.

Midhir (deceased)

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