Scarlette d'Medani


(Character was used in the Exalted of Twelve campaign.)

  • Marked heir
  • A Cyran princess, most of her friends and immediate family were killed on the Day of Mourning
  • She survived, because she was on a business trip with her uncle, who has vowed to take care of her
  • Once wealthy, much of her assets are now gone. She survives by living modestly and with the perks House Medani allows her.
  • Adventures because she owes her life to her uncle and to her house
  • Is known to be a prankster

Invisible Veil (free * encounter) Charm, Implement
Intelligence vs. Will. Hit: You are invisible to the target creature.
Special: You must not be wearing clothing. If Scarlette attacks, is attacked, or is just caught, the invisibility effect ends. Also, this ability only works on creatures that can be affected by charm magic.

Scarlette d'Medani

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