Takeshi "Tak" Tingfeng

Warrior Monk


Age- 21
Height- 5’10”
Weight- 180 lbs
Hair- Black and tied back.
- 2 Butterfly Swords
- Fists of Fury


“Thunder and Lightning both strike hard and fast my disciple, yet they have no specific form or style to which they restrict themselves; they can be hurled with great strength in the form of a spear or easily utilized by a bard’s melody. To be a student of The Way, you must come to understand how these elements work with and against the rest of the world.” - Master Fang

Enter Takeshi “Tak” Tingfeng, a monk of the people. He hails from a Greywall Mountain monastery known as “Michi no Kaminari” or “Thunder Road” and was trained by Master Fang, the head monk there. Takeshi travels the worlds and planes to spread his master’s martial philosophies, fight for those who suffer and to become a “World Warrior,” a fighter of such quality his world would call upon him as a champion to defend them.

Takeshi’s past though is not so ennobled. Tak grew up as an orphaned street kid; from fighting drunks and criminals for their food and money, to pilferring rogues’ guild training manuals from intoxicated members, this how he came to survive life in the western Five Nations. Takeshi became known as a very skilled butterfly swords user with a quick and violent flurry style, and due to this reputation, found himself employed by crime bosses and families from time to time. The money he direly needed, but at the same time he tried to stay morally indifferent to the type of work, because deep down Takeshi would rather see even one less person have to grow up like he did.

Takeshi’s employment opportunities at the time brought him to Breland, around and in the city of Sharn. It was then that Tak first met Master Fang, at a martial arts/culture exhibition. Still being an impressionable youth of 15, Takeshi marvelled at not only the martial prowess of the monks, but also their schools of thought and world views. He felt that these philosophies really synced up with his own deep thoughts and decided that he would learn these monastic ways. However Takeshi would go through a ruthless test unbeknownst to him before he was to become the person he is in the current age.

A crime lord from Darguun had expanded his slave and prostitution trafficking operations to Breland, much to the chagrin of Takeshi’s current employer, a Yakuza family chairman who follows a more old school style that their family exists to keep business economy strong and to protect the people of the city from such chaotic evil as the Darguuni crime lord. As to be expected Takeshi was sent to “take care of important business matters.” What was to be just another job escalated into an almost full-out gang war in the city. Takeshi witnessed the true brutality and ruthlessness of the crime underworld in fighting against the Darguun crime lord, impacting his moral and emotional outlooks. By the end of this episodic battle, the Darguuni crime lord lay dead and his organization decimated, but at a heavy cost. A town neighboring Sharn had been broken apart and the Yakuza chairman had lost his youngest son, aged 17, in the skirmish… but what of Takeshi? He laid half dead in a clinical chamber with none other than Master Fang tending to his wounds… turns out he knew the Yakuza chairman and was training his late son. Master Fang asked Takeshi only one thing while nursing him back to health… “Are you ready to walk Thunder Road?”

Takeshi "Tak" Tingfeng

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