Tybalt the Icestorm



Tybalt the Icestorm is a renowned mercenary from Lhazaar, a full-blooded dragon, born from a Blue and a White. Her mother is Julietta, but she was hatched in Romulus’ lair, a red dragon.

In 949 YK, she is seen in Barrinsgate, posing as an ex-soldier named Talria. Under Imperial orders, she seduces Erinblad de Vast and uses him to disrupt the rule of the Circle of Peers. The Summer Knights foil her plans.

After her defeat and humiliation by Jerulas and his company of Thrane Paladins in 996 YK, she is forced into his servitude. After several weeks of companionship, she left the party, pregnant with a child.

Tybalt the Icestorm

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