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Aenaeas's Journal - First Entry

Well, Zephyrus told me I need to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around me more often if I don’t want to end up in jail again. So, here I am writing a journal about recent events.

Personally I don’t care, a little jail time helps cementing my reputation. Kicking the ass of random thugs looking to beat up someone with a big name is usually a good workout too.


After getting through that damned portal trap and ending up in Mithrendain I was able to chill in the Southstar enclave for a while. I ended up meeting one of my cousins for the first time. His name was Amon. He introduced himself to Yuuya and I, and told us about his father Solonor and his hunting partner Tsutecki.

After a little chit chat Amon took Yuuya and myself down to the armory. There were a series of doors trapped with lightning bolts that seemed to only allow entrance if you ate the lighning bolt like a man. I took one for Amon, then he took the rest. Poor guy looked like it was gonna kill him.

Once we got to the armory he gave us some ceremonial armor to wear to the celebration later tonight. I guess the rest of the nobles don’t like Southstars walking in with full battle armor. He even gave me this neat little red sphere that turned Zephyrus into a pimp cane too.

The wall in the armory also had an open spot where my father’s staff used to sit. Amon told me my father built the armory himself. My dad is such a fucking badass.

Amon also explained about the weakness that the Winterspring had found in Odysseus’s defensive magic. Some type of four elemental seal is the key but, it takes too long to cast. My father released a statement to the people that they shouldn’t worry too much about Odysseus. Amon explained it to me as him saying, “No worries, Aenaeas will kill him.”

Hell yeah I will.

Jumping into Mithrendain - RJ01

Today was weird. Getting out from the trap that was set up for us, getting separated from Aenaeas and Aeros, and seeing Rin on the enemy side. Challenging her to a duel, and being brought to a log placed over a river for some type of cliche duel, I readied my stance for whatever she was going to throw at me. I was even ready to face those crocodiles under that log, because I had a special plan to try and jump off one, but something crazy happened. All of a sudden, there’s some random portal with a huge ass minotaur, the girl caster who probably opened it, and a black haired me! Using them as a distraction, I was able to figure out that Rin was mind controlled, so I destroyed the source of it, and thankfully she’s back on our side.

After leaving that odd dueling place, Shin and Rin who’s mind is now their own, and me who’s mind remains VIGILANT (I did not get mind controlled) figured out that those people who came in through the gate were friendlies. I was so glad that they didn’t clone me to fight against me. For some reason, Raven also handed me the Dragon sword back, although he doesn’t talk through the sword anymore. The girl, Genevieve as everyone called her, told us that we must be on our way, but there was no way we were going to leave Aenaeas behind.

On our path to rescue, we encountered Telemachus, but we were able to convince him of our objective, that we’re only trying to save Aenaeas, although Aenaeas’s objective is to kill Odysseus whom Telemachus told us not to battle. And for some reason, the dragon had a strange attraction to the minotaur. Gen, as everyone calls him, seems like a nice guy. People tell me that I had a strong affinity for creatures, and it seems like I’m cool with minotaurs too.

Anyways, after getting through that, we found Aenaeas and Aeros battling some red dragon called Romulus. Genevieve then made a portal and told everyone to go through hers, as Odysseus went through his own big portal. Aenaeas, Aeros, and Yuuya went through the portal that Odysseus went, telling us that he would meet us on the other side. I was about to follow them, but Raven knocked me out. I woke up in time to help Genevieve maintain the ride through the portal to a safe place, and we rested in Sigil. There, we figured out that ramaL was there, and that Aenaeas had passed by.

After that, everything just got weirder. Jumping through the next portal, we were in some type of forest with a super thick fog too hard to see through. I tripped, an elf flipped over me, some elf dude yelled at me, and I walked into a marble wall in this same forest. What’s even more odd though is when I was almost out of the fog, I saw one of the friendlies, Yuriel, I think, getting beat on by some white haired guy who sounded really really old. I remained hidden, waiting for a chance to strike. The moment when that guy was finally off guard, I tried to jump in, but it was already too late. He was gone.

Anyways, we found a town after escaping that mist. Weirdest part of today. We walked in, Enya, who’s actually a different Enya, calls herself something else and is like the mayor councilor or something awesome, was being attacked by thugs! The dudes even yelled out, “OH LOOK! SHE HAS BUDDIES! KILL ‘DEM TOO” or something similar, but that’s how I comprehended their elf speak. I ran up and tried to confirm her identity, but as I mentioned before, she’s not exactly Enya, yet she is. “Or is she?” as Enya would normally add. After we got rid of the thugs, we accompanied Enya and were given a place to rest.

Oh right, and about ramaL, I had to buy him for 5 gold for some reason, but I’m so glad he’s with us again. He seems a little more hostile than before, but that’s probably because since we were separated for awhile, he had to learn his own self defense. I’m so proud. But all in all, today was weird. Jumping through portals, a clone of me with a smaller penis, an Enya who’s not Enya, and both Aenaeas and Yuuya, not Aeros, are here somewhere. I hope Enya can make that portal to bring us home, and that everyone can go back together.

Thirteenth Entry

This must have been the craziest boat ride ever.

Before we could even get our hands on the boat, shit was already crazy. The fellow who said he could hook us up with a boat ride said we had to help him out with something first. We were all like, Hell yeah man! Quest! What do you need? A dragon slain? Some undead purging? Need us to go hunting for some crazy ass family relic you lost to some fucking mean ass trolls? Nope. None of that. He needed someone to enter in the stead for a wrestling match.

Alright, that’s cool. Physical test of our party’s abilities. What kind of wrestling is it? Like grappling? Kickboxing? Some MMA style shit or are we talking about acting style? Cuz I can do some mean acting from the time as a kid in the acting guild. Again, nope. He told us three words, four words that I would never forget.

Female Halfling Mud Wrestling.

Who did we enter?

Gen and Maria. That’s right. Female halfling mud wrestling and we enter our male minotaur.

Gen and Maria ended up winning so Christov agreed to hook us up with the boat ride. Thank goodness.

We went to the bar to celebrate that night and another image was burned into my mind. Bardan was doing his usual thing. Attracting all the ladies. One specific lady was eyeing him from across the room though. This wasn’t even that out of the ordinary except for the fact that this woman looked angry as hell, she actually looked like nobility too.

The air in the bar got a lot thicker when the woman got up and started to walk towards Bardan. All the ladies next to him seemed to get a little nervous too. Everyone was watching. It felt like some crazy shit was going to go on. Either Bardan was going to have crazy animal sex with this girl right there or they were going to try to kill each other. Shit, maybe both.

Right as it seemed like the shit was going to hit the fan…Gen came out of no where. Gen, still muddy from his lack of a shower after his mud wrestling match, ran up to Bardan and proceeded to give him a bear hug while yelling out how much he loved him…

Achievement unlocked:


When we finally got on the boat and on our way, no sooner were we making good time that we ran into a fucking rock and got stranded. I looked over to the captain of the ship and what do I see? Not the captain but Gen holding the wheel. Lovely. Well done Gen.

We were able to get some Mermaid people I guess, who the fuck knows what they were, to agree to fix the ship. I paid for the repairs because I felt responsible for not knowing that Gen was piloting. I did tell Kosius I was responsible for his actions. I was able to get a nice discount though from letting the mermaid bitches have their way with Bardan. He didn’t seem to mind.

We were back on our way for a little while until we were attacked by some water trolls, sea witches, and fucking bullywugs or something. Horrible day. To top it off, some damned Bronze Dragon showed up on the scene to kill us too. We proceeded to kill the shit out of all of them. Yuriel took a lot of big hits for the team, honestly I was surprised at how resilient Yuriel was. I gained a ton of respect for him. We would have probably bit the bullet if he didn’t single out the dragon like he did. Gen almost died too, again. But he was able to push through and got some good hits in. He always almost dies but when he hits shit, they fall over. Hard. That new rogue fellow that joined us did a damned good job too. Bardan and Brin were dependable, as always. Our party fucking rocks. Oh yeah, I almost got creamed too. The last part of the battle consisted of me and that new Shin ninja guy diving underwater to surround that dragon that seemed like it had just finished off Gen and killing the shit out of it. Hell yeah.

We finally docked and found some hermit guy who told us about the fort where Alpha was and how Deneith’s group had gotten dominated by some Draconians. Supposedly their leader’s name is Thesius. We headed towards the fort and found a Deneith girl fleeing for her life. Yeah, whatever. Bardan knocked her out so she wouldn’t be a nuisance and we had a nice little face off with the dragon bastards. I told them that if they approached we would engage and well, they approached.

A few minutes later we had killed them all along with some retarded ass tree monster and I was in a bloody pulp. 2 fights in one day that both broke records for how close to dieing I came. Hopefully this trip takes a turn for the better…

Oh, how could I forget. Bardan also got revenge on Gen. There were some Druid chicks that seemed like they wanted to get it on with Gen. Right when it seemed like Gen was going to get lucky, Bardan came out of nowhere, covered in mud, and proceeded to hump Gen like there was no tomorrow.

Revenge has never looked so funny…and dirty.

Yuriel's Log - January 23rd

Now I am forced to write with arcane intent, or I shall never read it again for I now have lost my other eye in the heat of battle. An unexpected move from a bronze dragon we encountered at sea nearly killed me, but I felt Yuri force some of his life force into me to keep me from dying from that dragon's breath that left my left eye unable to see. But my eye did not go for naught; I saved my allies from harm, and if I had a third eye I'd gladly give that to save them.

The life force of yuri that saved my life still resides within me, I can feel it, and it's still growing stronger. I can hear that which I could not before, I know that which I did not know before, Even though I cannot see, I can still tell where everything is, and now I can even see it's arcane energies, but sadly I can no longer read that which is not written in some kind of arcane-infused ink.

When we encountered a woman fleeing screaming for help, Bardan knocked her out, but that was for a good reason, I could feel that from all of the party. After realizing that she was being pursued by some dragon blooded people riding giant lizards, I put her on Arrakis and asked Arrakis to keep her safe. That he did, but the Dragon Blooded people were immediately hostile with us, so we had to engage in combat with them, which is when an ancient slashing beast attacked Brin in a tree, so in order to save her I did what any stormcrow would do, i ran up the tree and and knocked it the fuck down and hunted it, provoking it until I was too injured. That's when I moved back to support the others from a range. Who knew the way to finish off that ancient beast would be to hit it with Gen's Magic Dildo.

Now we are headed to <u>that one down</u>. I hope that soon we are able to arrive to the assistance of our allies.

Yuriel's Log - The Wild - January 16th

While we running from the red dragon persuing us, it felt so much easier to communicate with arrakis and to synchonize our movements through the forest. I believe this is the influence of the vestige of Yuri, the soulfang hunter, it's growing stronger within me. I can also feel that part of him is becoming part of me, sharing some of his thoughts with me, his experiences, his abilities. I believe I've tapped into his power too a point where we are becoming one in the same. Heh, this might be interesting, but I must never forget who I am, who I was, who he was, and who he is.

Yuriel's Log - Street Vendors - January 16th

Buweleh, never trust a street vendors food to not get ya sick… but it'll still be delicious even if it does haha. Also there's this crazy street vendor in sharn, he actually sells rituals and alchemical components. I naturally just assumed he was some sort of random wandering wizard, but he was still there way later. Either way, best just not to ask too many questions and get my goods.

Yuriel's Log - Firstlight Elves - January 16th

While returning from the warwood, we encountered a group of elves that were able to just rip the stamina from our bodies, and shoot it back at us. Although tempted to just walk up to the guy and punch him in the face for taking some of Arrakis' stamina, I didn't. We talked to the leader, he thought we were with Romulus, seriously, we piss him off on a daily basis, and i try just for fun sometimes buwahaha.

Twelfth Entry

The last few days were brutal but, well worth the effort.

I returned today from my week long journey up the hill where I would attempt my quest to become a Morninglord.

With my sword in hand, I ascended the mountain. I had some trouble climbing it but, it wasn’t just physical distress I experienced.

I saw visions. Some were of Mao and Disatot together, sparring and generally having a good time. Others were of Cyndi Quinn dieing…and of my father dieing by my own hands.

A couple days into the climb I came upon a ruined temple by a beautiful waterfall. The temple was coated with what Fern called wine, looked like dried blood to me though. There were also skeletons of what seemed to be the previous inhabitants of the temple…now undead.

That entire day was spent cleansing the undead from the temple. My new blade served me well and it got the first taste of the flesh of my enemies and, it tasted wonderful. Well, I guess…since they were skeletons…of the BONES of my enemies but hey, who’s keeping score?

Several days after cleansing the temple a small pilgrimage of Fae came upon the temple. We sat together and shared stories. I even gave them some of my rations to share. They were hungry mother fuckers. Bitches ate all my food.

The next day was hell. I had no food and it seemed like the temple was sucking the life out of me. Even a damned bird flew by to clown on me. I let it go since I was so damned tired, I was just glad to be rid of it. But of course Fern wouldn’t let an opportunity to talk shit pass her by so I had to hear about how much of a bitch I was for letting the bird leave. Dammit…

At this point I was on the floor, starving to death. Fern had begun to meld with my mind, a sign I was weakening and getting closer to death, too much closer. I was able to fall asleep, though I didn’t know if I would ever wake up…

Morning came, I’ll never know how I made it through that night. I looked to my left and saw Fern sleeping. To my right…the sun. Someone was standing there…in the morning sunlight with my vision still adjusting I could not make out the figure. Then piece by piece, it came into focus.

Glowing bright silver armor. Similar to the one Cyndi Quinn and her paladins wear. Short brown hair and a red bandanna around his neck. On his back? A huge white glowing metal halberd. A beautiful weapon. With my recent conversations with Silver I am learning to appreciate good quality weapons. This one was beautiful.

Standing in front of me, was the image of my father.

Piaculum Tallasht

He opened his hands and offered me food. He even apologized for all of the things he missed in my childhood. I didn’t know what to think. This was not the man I saw at the inn. This man, was a holy man!

It was hard to believe but, I trusted the image in front of me. My naivete got the best of me. A mistake I don’t plan to make again.

The truth though…was that the bitch was a shape shifter and had poisoned me. Not only did she poison me…she was the one responsible for the attack of the enclave.

Decipia d’Thurrani

We fought for a second but, the poison was too much. She overcame me and knocked me back a few feet. She had already begun to celebrate her victory.

As the poison was coursing through my veins and I was laying there, dieing, I could finally see it. The light at the end of the tunnel. The light that would lead me to glory. The light I had been searching for these last few days.

The light that would help me kill this bitch.

She was laughing at me. She was laughing about how she would be the one to kill the son of Frenna and Piaculum. As she was going on her pointless tirade, I reached for the light. I reached out as hard as I could, barely feeling my limbs at this point.

I, Decipia d’Thurrani shall take the heart of the son of Piaculum. This is the fruit of my alliance with Romulus!

With one last burst of pure force of will, I reached out and touched the light. It was warm, powerful, and purifying. I could feel the poison being cleansed from my veins, my strength returning. I could feel my limbs again. I could even feel the hilt of my blade…

Decipia began to walk towards me. An arrogant predator closing in on her prey. She thought she had won, she thought her prey was helpless. She didn’t understand, she couldn’t understand…

The prey had turned into the predator

I remained still as she approached, my eyes affixed on hers. I wanted to see the look on her face when she realized it. When she realized she had lost. I gripped my blade tighter.

She now stood in front of me, inches from my face. With her arrogant face she placed her blade on my neck as if she was marking her target. She smiled and raised her blade. She reared back as if to strike but, she still didn’t know…

With lightning speed I struck

The first strike, removed both her hands. The second, removed her head. She only had time to stare and mutter something unintelligible, I couldn’t care less about what she had to say. Her hands and blade hit the floor first. Then her head hit the floor as well, wide eyed. Her body slumped over next, devoid of life.

I descended the mountain with the head of the Thurrani bitch that had slandered my mother’s name. I felt renewed, rejuvenated. Full of new strength, divine strength. I plan to send her head back to house Thurrani. That should send the message loud and clear.

Now the Thurrani would know they had someone to fear. Someone to respect. They would remember MY name, not my father’s.

Voluntas Atrum d’Phiarlan

Eleventh Entry

Lots of stuff has been happening since we left the warwood. I spoke to Silver about what happened with Mao and Disatot. She was not happy about it. Turns out somehow, Gen turned against them and attacked. When I asked Silver if she was sure, she explained how one of the last things she saw was Gen burying his axe into Disatot’s skull. This is going to prove to be a problem. I got a bit cooler with Silver, told her I’d vouch for her if she needed help getting repairs from the Resemble organization. I doubt my word means much seeing as how I’m just a soldier in a mercenary group from a house in ruins. I think she appreciated the sentiment though, she oiled and polished my sword. To be perfectly honest…I felt a little dirty afterward…

Well, at least I WAS just a soldier. Until I got promoted to Captain! Thats right, Voluntas Atrum D’Phiarlan is now a captain of his own squad. Squad Elysia. Cindi Quinn is part of my unit, thats good. Kosius wants my unit to stay behind for the next mission though. If I die Quinn can lead the squad. How thoughtful of Kosius. Ass. I’m going with Brin’s squad to help save alpha squad.

I also spoke to Kosius about Gen’s…situation. If word was to get around about what he had done…about what was allowed to happen in the Grey Company…nothing would be left of our reputation after what I did to it by backing Quinn’s group. I told Kosius I would investigate what really happened and talk to Gen myself. For now, he is part of the unit and will be going on the next mission. I vowed to take responsibility for any slip up on Gen’s part. That…might have been a mistake.

Kosius also let me know that my dad was still at the inn but, would be leaving for his next mission soon. He also handed me a little paper that read, “Zhaleik Talashte = Piaculum D’Phiarlan.” I left to go talk to him and what I discovered surprised me more than I could ever have expected.

I walked up to his room after hearing from the innkeeper that he was the only current guest. He did not open the first at first but, with a knock more on the aggressive side the door creaked open. Standing inside was an elf, about my height, wielding a large crossbow aimed at me. I told him to stop being a little bitch, I was his son for goodness sakes, and to either shoot or put it down. I deserved more respect than that. Apparently he did not agree. The man standing in front of me, in a black cowboy hat with a red bandanna covering his face, who I thought was my father, shot me with the god damned crossbow. Somehow deep inside I knew he might so I was ready and blocked it with my shield. He told me that if I came here to discuss his failures I should get on with it or just leave.

I told him that I was just hoping to have a chat with my father. But…upon looking at the sword Kenta gave me, saying it was from my father…a feeling washed over me I could not describe. The man who I had been seeking. The man I had never met. The man who supposedly had died to save my mother. The man who my thoughts and dreams had glorified and sanctified…

was this that man?

No. That was not the man standing in front of me. The man standing in front of me was just that, a man. A mortal man, a failure of a man. My “father” was a symbol to me. Something to strive for. This man was not my father. The thoughts and dreams I had about a symbol of divine light and hope were more of a father to me than this man could ever be. I took one last look of the sword that belonged to this “Man” and left it there on the floor, where it belonged. I would not be restricted by him, or his sword, anymore. I will no longer cling to the idea that my father is watching over me through his sword like a baby cub. I will wield my own blade, my own new blade. I will protect myself with my own skill. I will prove myself through my own moral code. I will make new memories with my blade, better memories. I will prove that someone can be more than a man, that someone can live up to those thoughts and dreams that others have of them. This man before me had failed at living up to his name, I would not. My father was dead. Voluntas Atrum D’Phiarlan, soon to be Morninglord, would be a name known throughout the world for being a bastion of light, hope, selflessness, and divinity. No one who sought out to met this Phiarlan would be disapointed. NO ONE!.

The honor of my family rests upon me, I will not disappoint.

I went back to Kosius and handed him back the piece of paper he gave me with a little editing. “Zhaleik Talashte ≠ Piaculum D’Phiarlan.”

I spoke to those in charge of my morninglord ritual about what had happenned with my father. They agreed to enchant my new weapon as part of the ritual. Somehow I feel like they were happy that I was not interested in my father anymore. To be honest, so am I. I am free.

I took a trip to the blacksmith to get a new sword forged. A bigger sword. Much Bigger. One needs a big sword to cut through into the future. Especially when lately the future of my group seems like its going to be very thick indeed. The Dragonborn there was a good fellow. I trusted him with this task. He took me in the back to show me my blade being forged as we speak. It was beautiful. I had him inscribe something on the blade to forever remind me about what this blade symbolized and what I had ahead of me.

“A new beginning”

Tenth Entry

We were able to replace Raven’s sarcophagus today. Its final resting place is in the basement of this manor that we found in the warwood.

I’ve been trying to remember the name of that soldier that told me that Frena was sighted in here so I could ask her some more questions but, for the life of me I can’t remember her name.

We found some pictures in the manor. One of which was of a young girl that looked a lot like a younger version of Brin. Crazy. Even crazier was how we went through some type of portal and found “Raven Fallencrest” with some of the soldiers we had lost. He started joking about how he had a small penis though so, we knew he couldn’t be the Raven from the legends. Turns out he was Brin’s patron spirit. Seeing as how we had lost her for a bit, we were hoping he could tell us where she was. Fucker turned around to point at Brin having Tea and crumpets with one of the maids.

Interesting revelation today as well. Zhaleik Tallasht, the unvanquished that has bee giving Brin orders, was a mate to Frena. The name he used to go by? Piaculum D’Phiarlan. Tallasht is my father…and has been around this whole time…what a bitch.

So now, the unvanquished all have connections to someone in our party. One of us are connected to one of them in one way or another. This is turning out to be more than just some story about some dudes killing some other dudes…we are all involved.

We ended up fighting some ghost chick at some freaky ass well. She was pretty creepy and annoying but, with the help of our new member, Shin, we were able to dispatch her easily enough. Shin’s a pretty good fighter. He definitely got my respect with how he was able to lock that bitch down.

We were able to meet up with the sage that Genloneras was seeking, he agreed to help out. He also explained to us about how just about every move has fucked up Romulus’s plans. Basically Romulus wants to kill us real bad now, hah. Join the club, bitch. The sage, I think Vai was his name, told us more about the prophesy as well. He also explained how Romulus just happens to be a big red fucking dragon. Great.

When we got to Gen’s father’s cave, we found something we were not expecting. Mao, Disatot, and Silver had been killed. We burned and gave a proper funeral to Mao and Disatot and will bring Silver back to camp to see if she can be repaired. We are also going to bring Mao’s and Disatot’s ashes back to camp.

Karkillian, Gen’s father, seemed to be under some type of spell. He was in shackles and he would refuse to acknowledge Gen as his son since he was still in chains. He kept saying that if his real son was there, he wouldn’t be in chains. Guess I’m not the only one with daddy issues.

Turns out these “chains” are some type of spell cast by a family of elves that go by “Northstar.” Also turns out, only a special technique derived by the Southstars known as the “Southstar Strike” can dispell the chains. Our current quest is to find a Southstar to teach this technique to Gen. Only the most experienced of their family knows this technique so, this might turn out to be a pain. Some of them are known to roam the countryside though so, maybe we’ll get lucky and just run into one…

Hah, wouldn’t that be awesome.

Oh right! Naenea was her name! I need to have a chat with that chick.


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