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Lharvion 5
We’ve retrieved the effigy of Sir Fallencrest, as well as Tiamat’s Prism. The Hand of Vecna is nowhere to be found, and this all appears to have been a trap. We lost a sizable number of Grey Co. members on this wild goose chase, and we’ve got nothing to show for it back at HQ. We’re going back into the Warwood to confirm the status of those still missing.

Silver had voiced concerns about the dubious circumstances of this mission, but our previous missions had a similar lack of information. It was normal for us to go in with little forewarning. It’s pointless now to look back at it in hindsight. All that matters now is to save them, if we still can. I don’t want what happened to those in the Tomb of the Sleeper to happen to them.

I wonder about the poison dart that was left behind. Just like in the attack on the Phiarlan enclave, someone was implicated in the attack. Did they really expect us to believe Disatot would do such a thing as attack his comrades? Or was it planted there just to infuriate us? Perhaps both.

We’re going to sister Isis’s monastery in the warwood, both to deliver Sir Fallencrest’s effigy and to see if she has any information that would be of help to us. I’ve got a few personal things to ask her, as well.

Voluntas's Journal - Ninth Entry

The group is beginning to get restless. The undead haunt their dreams. The ones they have lost may even be among those haunting them now, forever lost to the taint that we all fight so hard to oppose. Stupid undead.

We have decided to send the wounded back with those that will not stay with us and venture back into the warwood. Some of them may not make it but, they probably have a better chance going back than staying with us. At least if some of them make it back, command will know where we are. We are not going to leave our friends behind, we will at least find their corpses and bury them if that is all that is left. Considering, you know, their corpses don’t try to kill us first.

On a brighter note, Fern has informed me that she knows about the ritual I need to undergo to enter the paladin order. She said Frena underwent the same ritual. Supposedly it has something to do with cleansing the body of impurity and sin. Sounds painful. Fuck yeah.

On an even brighter note the troops gave me more information on the Frena sighting. There was a person attacking with the Eryvael, the only one who happened to be in armor. Metal brigandine they said. They also swore that Frena was the one wearing that armor. Interesting. If I see a group of Eryvael containing a soldier with Metal Brigandine…Oh man, it’s gonna be fucking on.

Voluntas's Journal - Eighth Entry

We were able to get to the final room in the tomb of the sleeper today.

We were met with mild resistance, nothing we couldn’t handle.

We were able to recover the prism and stop them from completing some ridiculous ritual involving Rin and some Dragons coming out of her stomach drinking the blood falling from the ceiling. You know, the usual cultist demonic shit.

When we left the tomb and met back up with our unit, they had been attacked pretty badly. One of the paladins informed me that Frenna was with the attacking party. This is ridiculous. Bitch just won’t quit.

We are at the edge of the warwood now, counting our losses. Over two thirds of our troops are gone and our mission was not even completed. The Hand of Vecna is now a mystery. The divination spell responded with a “Fuck, I don’t know.” So…fuck, we don’t know.

Among the troops that are lost, presumed dead, are Rhomulus, Zara, Silver, Masa, Disatot, and Mao. Brin was closer to them than me but, when we heard word they were lost she was visibly disturbed. Seems like Brin wants to go back into the Warwood and look for anyone we might be able to save.

Now what kind of paladin of the sun would I be if I turned down an opportunity to walk into a forest full of undead bullshit to save some missing fellas from my unit who may even be prisoners to my fake mother who attacked them only after attacking my enclave and killing over 200 in cold blood? Yeah…not a very good one.

Final verdict on the day?

Lets kill some mother fucking undead and maybe, just maybe, some crazy fake mother paladin bitches too.

Voluntas's Journal - Seventh Entry

We encountered Zaravakri towards the entrance of the tomb, she attacked us while being controlled by some heresy bullshit. Turns out we were attacked up top and she was taken prisoner and brought down here through what we can assume was a back door.

Something that didn’t sit well with me was the locket we got from Genevieve. It had a silent image of her mother and her five companions. Supposedly they were called the 6 Unvanquished. Their names were Aayla stark, minotaur king Karkillian, Palara Chi’vax, Eisolon the Quick, Bardan the Wise, and someone she identified as Zhaleik d’Phiarlan. All those names are linked to our group somehow. Turns out Tallasht and Julietta are Phiarlan.

What the fuck.

This is some retarded dragon prophesy bullshit. Who knows what we are going to find in this tomb.

Tomb of the Sleeper

Lharvion 3, 2nd entry
In a room full of broken ballistas, several warforged in the service of Caesar attacked us. Upon defeating them, they told us in their dying breaths that Caesar has given us his blessing to destroy the Eryvael here. Not long afterward, we found Zaravakri in a torture chamber gibbering to herself, eyes gouged and body scourged. Mutated Eryvael seemed to bleed out of her wounds, and her gibbering continuously called up skeletons to fight against us.

The Eryvael, upon their deaths, declared that their fate was the price for losing the favor of Romulus. Regardless of the truth of my own history, they are still fellow tribesmen of Q’barra. I claimed one of their cloaks to honor those unfortunate souls. Zara is a wreck, both mind and body. I don’t think those wounds will ever heal completely. Hopefully, her Quori soul can soothe her on some level that only Kalashtar can know.

I pray that our forces on the surface are holding up. Mao, Disatot, Sister Isis… Everyone, stay safe.


Lharvion 3, 1013 YK
Ever since I first encountered the Eryvael tribe, I’ve had to question my past. Everyone who recognized my cloak thought that I was from their tribe. Not to mention Jenna (Genevieve Stark) and her connection to Auntie Palara. Why did she brag so much to Jenna about her green cloak, something I’d never seen nor heard of as part of the Chi’vax?

And now, there’s Sister Isis. She was leading the pilgrimage of worshipers of The Keeper, to entomb the hero Sir Fallencrest. She is an Eryvael woman who has scale piercings similar to mine. She’d commented that she had lost her daughter, and that she’d be around my age. I think I’m beginning to understand Voluntas a little better.

Though this matter is all still shrouded in mystery, the fact remains that Tyrant, Chief of the Eryvael, stole Sir Fallencrest’s effigy. Whatever his master Romulus wants with it, it can’t be anything good. I hate how easily he shook my aim, and how distressed Sister Isis was at the theft. I swear to the shadow spirits, Sir Fallencrest will be retrieved.

Sixth Entry

I went to the enclave today to investigate what happened. Crowe was nice enough to come and help get a feel for the situation. He’s pretty insightful, I like him. It is fucking amazing when that guy uses the restroom. I guess being an angel has its perks. In our investigation we found that some odd weapons were used. Crow pointed out how the markings were definitely not consistent with how paladins of the sun would fight. Upon further investigation I found out something terrible…

The marking in the floor and walls were consistent with the fighting style of one man…

Aenaeas Southstar.

That has to be a mistake, why would he be helping Frena? Why would he participate in the slaying of my entire enclave? Something doesn’t add up.

After all the investigation Crowe pointed out that its possible that they were framed. Quinn agrees. According to Quinn a paladin by the name of Emesha was Frena’s second in command and has gone missing since the attack. Quinn says she trusts Emesha with her life but, someone that high in the paladin order could know valuable information about what happened. I’ll have to keep aware of any information about her whereabouts as well.

We finally started to head out for Valenar and the tomb of the sleeper today as well. An agent of Juliette was sent to us and apparently Juliette wants us to get the Hand of Vecna for her. Get in line Juliette, you’re not the only one after it.

We were given a few groups of soldiers for our endeavor, our number sits around 80. That should be beefy enough to not be attacked by all those roaming warbands in Valenar.

On our trip we encountered a religious caravan holding the remains of Raven Fallencrest, some crazy ass dude who killed some crazy ass god, suposedly Tiamat, in this crazy ass fight.

Shit, hes got my respect.

They were on their way to bury his remains which they had been harboring for 2 years…yea…weird.

In the middle of our group talking to their leader we were attacked from the warwood by some band of thieves. In the confusion our troops and us got separated but, we were able to demolish the bandits with minimal casualties. Their true motives were not apparent until the end though when some gryphon showed up out of no where and swiped the remains of Raven. Brin and Crowe tried their best to stop him but, he was just too fast.

On the gyphon’s way out Brin did catch a glimpse of something crazy though. The rider of the gryphon was none other than the leader of her tribe.

The leader of the religious caravan let us know that Raven must be recovered because he has “The Horn.” The way I understood it was that the horn is a remnant of the fight with Tiamat, who Raven demolished, and is a powerful relic. I can’t be sure though, the chick was flipping out.

We were able to follow the tracks left by the bandits through the warwood. On the way we lost over 20% of our troops to the undead in the forest. It wold have been more if it wasn’t for Selene treating everyone’s wounds. The undead were relentless.

We finally got to the end of the tracks and encountered a huge group of the bandits. Through some tricky maneuvering and superior skills we were able to overpower them. The tomb we were looking for also happened to be in the area. Coincidence? Probably not.

We were able to get into the tomb with the dream team and are about to start sweeping through it. We will probably encounter resistance. They will be cleansed of course.

And by cleanse I mean smitten with righteous and furious vengeance. Hell yes, I love being a paladin.

Fifth Entry

Things got even crazier today…

I was on my way to Kenta’s office when I heard them talking loudly to someone about an enclave being attacked. It was Kenta, Kosius, and a woman’s voice. I listened in without showing myself for a bit. Turns out the woman was being accused of killing an entire enclave looking for ME.

The woman’s name was Quinn. Supposedly this woman was a part of the order of the sun, my mother’s paladin order. The same paladin order that is also accused of ripping apart the enclave looking for me and supposedly looking for my father as well. I walked in and introduced myself as someone else. It was obvious the girl didn’t recognize me so, I believe she wasn’t involved.

This awkward turn of events has actually shed some light on the issue of my mother’s whereabouts. Frena Firstlight, my mother, was killed over a year ago in the blackcap mountains. This Frena, Frena D’Phiarlan, is an impostor. Cindi Quinn agreed with me on that theory, quite passionately.

Cindi said that “Frena” attacked the enclave on her own with a rogue group of paladins. Now they have fled and the remaining paladins are being blamed. She left her tabard on the table after hearing from Kosius that they did not plan to testify for her group. She started to leave but, I told her to stay close since I wanted to have a word with her.

Upon Quinn’s exit I questioned Kosius and Kenta. I told them that I was sick of my family being thrown to the wolves. I told them I would testify for Quinn’s group whether they liked it or not. My bluff worked and they agreed to support me. They also agreed to grant Quinn and her paladins sanctuary.

I met back up with Quinn and introduced myself by my real name and returned her tabard. The introduction caught her and what remained of her order by surprise but, I think they were more surprised that I agreed to testify for them and was able to get them sanctuary in the Grey Company.

Turns out the traitor group is on it’s way to some tomb, the tomb of the god that sleeps for eternity, to get their hands on the Hand of Vecna. There’s no way we can let them get their hands on a powerful relic after what they have done.

PS: Remember how you were considering becoming a part of the Order of the Sun? Yeah…Cindi Quinn is pretty cute. That decides it.


Olarune 22
Gen found a rather odd magic weapon in Tanamar’s tent, under his bed. It seems to be able to alter its form based on both the wielder and the opponent it faces. I do not know why it turned into something rather indecent in the middle of battle. We found Genevieve’s prison and liberated her from her captors, though we didn’t get her out of her magical cage before it could incapacitate her. Thankfully, it looks like there’s no lasting damage. We decided to have the second group take her to safety, and rendezvous at a safe distance from the oasis.

Tarisa showed up soon afterward and told us to leave, but Tanamar’s research on that obelisk at the island troubled us, though, and we couldn’t back down. We tried to talk some sense into her, but she’s just too smitten with Tanamar to listen. Failing that, we attempted to feint a departure. She continued to follow us, and fled to the island once Crowe decided to turn around and challenge her.

We sneaked onto the island at night, rowing the two small sailboats that were used by Tanamar and his forces to traverse the lake. But while the last two of our group, Ignatius and Gen, were coming back this way, we were ambushed by Tanamar’s golem, made entirely out of bird bones. It was no match for over four hundred pounds of adamantine fury, followed by over three hundred pounds of beef. The island was abandoned, and we only found a tent full of more personal diary entries mixed in with a bunch of research material. There were no research notes on Tanamar’s attempted usage of the obelisk, which he likely took with him. We also gained a fire-resistant tent.

We’re headed back to Charm, now. Once Genevieve has recovered, we can ask her about Tanamar’s ritual.


::Written by Lanavakri, of the Oasis of Mithrendain::

I had that dream again, after my oasis’ newest trespassers climbed down from my aerie.

I was young and beautiful, and I was still more or less human. I was a girl who fawned over heroes like Aerandar and Eisolon. I was a wizard who got into trouble with her professors, but got away with it because of my prestige and femenine charms. I was one of the greatest delvers and researchers of the Morgrave University.

But that’s when the dream ends and the nightmare takes over. I see a face, looming out of the darkness, tainting the light like ink to papyrus. Sometimes it’s Saffrenia, the woman from the Order. Sometimes, my purest sister, Novakri or Zaravakri. Sometimes it’s my own face, a twisted half-human, half-ibis mutant head, inexplicably twisted into an accusing look of condemnation.

This time, I awoke from my nightmare, the last thing I could remember of it being the annoyingly high-pitched sound of Tanamar’s feminine scoffing. Oh, how I loathe that half-elf. He reminds me of Ilore; he thinks he’s perfect, free from flaws, born into beauty. The accursed sorceror likely hasn’t had to study a day in his life.

I killed Ilore.

I remember well. I had to flee from my station. Upon finding this oasis among the Talentaan ruins, I sought refuge among its inhabitants, the Order of Mithrendain. Agreeing to become the guardian of the oasis sealed my pact with those creatures and doomed me to this striking form.

But the Order is no longer in this world. And regret for anything I’ve done is far behind me. Those fools who killed my blood hawk patrols will slay Tanamar for me. And it is I, Lana, daughter of Vakri, who will not lift a wing to prevent it.


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