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Olarune 20
We’re in relative safety now. The patrolling birds have been called off in exchange for intellectual discourse. During our parlay with Lanavakri, the one who guards this oasis, I told her about my homeland and my tribe. From what she had learned, however, spirit speakers did not wear clothing that was different from the rest of the tribe, and had even asked if I were from the Eryvael. I attribute this to the region my tribe and our neighbors inhabit being more obscure. Still, these instances involving the Martyrs suggest that there is something more to the story that I need to find out.

We captured Tanamar’s tent and acquired some unique art objects. The Book of Names was there, and among those we recognized was Juliette, the name that Tallasht used when requesting Grey Company missions. Keeping control of cursed artifacts would be less difficult if he actually were a dragon, or at least affiliated with one. We also found Tanamar’s diary, which was rigged with an acid trap. I jokingly suggested that Voluntas should try to trick the ward by putting on some of Tanamar’s personal affects, but he took me seriously and did so. More surprisingly, it worked. Tanamar appears to be performing a test soon. I’m sure we can’t afford to let him complete his experiment.

Fourth Entry

We proceeded farther into the oasis and encountered some arrogant bird bitch…

She wouldn’t help us but, she called off her birds so, she’s fine by me.

We ended up assaulting the tent of some Wizard named Tanamar that everyone is talking about lately. His tent had a surplus of perfumes and dresses…yeah… I took one for the team and dressed up as him to get access to his journal, it worked like a charm and gave us some information about how his theories made him lose some credibility. His followers seemed to not be rattled by it very much though. He seems like a privileged faggot. He’s supposedly trying to focus some magic through some artifact and its dangerous. We are gonna have to educate him if we encounter him.

Gen and I ended up holding the front for a while again today. That cow can really swing an axe. He swings it once and its like me swinging my sword 5 times. Sadly he can only swing it twice before he ends up eating dirt… I need to figure out how to support him better so he can cleave everything to hell. At least until I unlock the fighting style I am working on with Fern.

We were able to find the location of Geneveve as well. That’s useful. Personally, the thing that interested me the most was the book we recovered.

The book of names that we were searching for had Juliette in there. The book is over 200 years old and…it had Juliette listed as being a dragon over 500 years old.

Interesting development.

Skeleton Key

Olarune 17
Tallasht agreed to let us keep the Blade, as long as we continue to accept missions from him. He must be really rich if he can afford to contain so many cursed items. Our next assignment from him is a tome called the Book of Names. We’re told that it’s bound in dragonhide, and contains the names of dragons. It apparently is in the possession of a rogue wizard, traveling with a Valenar warband.

Coincidentally, our current Grey Company mission is taking us to the same general area, where we are to find and rescue a kidnapped Cannith girl by the name of Genevieve Stark. Miss Stark was referred to as ‘the Skeleton Key’ by some of the people we asked around about. I wonder if she’s the key that I’m searching for.

We encountered a half-eladrin woman named Tarisa out in Talenta, and it seems she’s affiliated with Tanamar Rhok’delar, a mage that I had come across in my research done in the previous month. I wonder if Tanamar is the one who was behind both the kidnapping of Miss Stark and the theft of the Book of Names. It’s possible, but it would be too convenient to simply happen if there wasn’t some reason for it. We shall see.

Prime Log 4

The Book of Names
First Tower received an assignment to retrieve a HVT/HVI from southern Kaarrnath. We managed a deal to keep the St. Gavus sword… for now. Tallasht appears to be an avid collector of powerful cursed items, but consolidating items of that magnitude can only become a liability in time. We shall see what becomes of our patronage.

Dune Skirmish
Our first contact after leaving the wire of the FOB was what appeared to be camel cavalry unit. Their tactics and equipment were better suited to the desert combat, however through strength and skill, First Tower finished the battle.

Desert Oasis
We rode upon a fertile patch of ground hoping to break for camp, but this oasis seems to be more than meets the eye. An elf woman met us upon our arrival, apprehensive to our approach. She had a pet manticore, to which I gave blood apples. Venturing further into the oasis we were attacked by large carnivorous birds. This is more like being in The Bush than a lush desert paradise.

Third Entry

Gen got shat on today…some got into his mouth…

Poor guy.

We fought some stupid birds today. I was pretty useless but, our ranged combatants were able to take up the slack.

I need to talk to Fern about how we are going to deal with ranged combat. Either develop some ranged attacks or maybe learn how to teleport vertically as easily as horizontally.

Other than a lack of a response for ranged combat, my training with Fern is going well. It feels like every night I have dreams about combat and tactics. I’ve been trying to read about how Lord Southstar fought as well. After seeing how our last fight turned out with that one guy and his spear and reading about what Lord Southstar would do to his enemies… I think I need to learn how to be more aggressive in my attacks. I need to find a way to combine the might of my paladin training with the arcane arts I know as well.

I wish my father was around to train me…

Bardan's wandering thoughts3

Whats been going on?!? The last thing I remember is the bar wench who drank my love potion… that was fun although for some reason I really wanted Maria.. oh well. The rest is one looonnngg drunken haze of a memory. Fights, drinking, fights, drinking, killing the competition, and more drinking. Somehow bent my sword, think I did it on an Ogre’s head but Maria fixed it up for me and it seems better than before. I gotta give her the special Bardan thanks sometime but at any rate we are all now back… I’m sober…and its time to restock on the ale apparently if I’m sober.

Martyr's Tribe

Zarantyr 2
We’ve made it back to Sharn, but with no small amount of effort. Chimera squad traded us a few of their members, and I’m glad Disatot and Mao were able to come along. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them in battle. They’ve really improved, in their own ways. The other trades were pretty interesting, as well. I’ve heard that the warforged Metapod is an incredibly skilled surgeon, though I think I’ll have to pass on his offer to make my elbows bend more than one way. We took Gen mainly because having a minotaur would be an appropriate response to Deneith’s ogre, but he seems like a pretty nice guy. Too bad Cairo had to leave, though. I thought she and Crowe would’ve looked cute together.

We spent most of the trip back watching out for Deneith, but I was completely surprised by the fact that another Q’barran tribe was trying to take us down. Calling themselves the Eryvael, or ‘Martyrs’, each member wore the red cloak and yellow bangles. All of the tribes I know reserve those vestments for their Speakers, but it seems that their tribe as a whole has a higher affinity for their patron. They stated their devotion to ‘Romulus’, likely the same entity that Narash referred to in his death throes. One of them seemed to recognize Crowe, as well. Though they referred to him by his father’s name, as with previous encounters with people who recognized Crowe. We’ll likely have to continue fighting with the Eryvael until this matter centered around Romulus is sorted out.

The meeting with our benefactor, a man named Juliette, will take place in a matter of days. We recovered the Blade of St. Gavus, but the rest of First-Tower has their doubts about handing it over, after seeing what it did with Phrena. This sword is of importance to my patron spirit, thus I don’t want to part with it, either. We shall see how this matter is resolved.

Second Entry

A new day, a new set of problems.

Kenta informed me that my “Mother” went missing from Sharn before we got back. Odd news to receive, seeing as how I thought my mother was buried inside my father’s grave site. Though considering my father’s grave site is empty and his sword is missing, this type of news should no longer surprise me.

He told me this woman was lacking the scar on her face that my dead mother received in battle years ago. I referred to my dead mother as my “real” mother and asked about this new impostor that surfaced and he told me that the “real” one was up to my interpretation. What the hell is that supposed to mean Kenta…?

I should have pressed further but, I need to start learning the truth from the source. No more riddles and misinformation from Kenta. All the bastard does is confuse me. I need to think this out on my own.

If the one that was killed was not my real mother, all the information about my father’s death she gave me may have been a fabrication, an outright lie to mislead me. The childhood memories I have of my mother may all be of an impostor for all I know. Or maybe the impostor is dead and is telling the truth… and my Father may have sacrificed his life for some whore that had no relation to either of us. The one bit of truth that I thought I had found to make sense of my life has now had its validity called into question…

To make matters worse, my father’s body and sword have yet to be recovered. Could someone have stolen his body to turn him into some undead abomination? Could he have faked his death? If the impostor is dead and was telling the truth I can’t believe that she would have been able to deceive my father. What is the truth dammit?!

I will speak to this Juliette and I will find this new woman who may be my “real” mother or an impostor. I will find out the truth from them and if either of them had something to do with my father’s death or undeath… may whatever God they worship have mercy on their souls.

Prime Log 3 - Now Playing

++++++++++++ Ignatius Playlist Loaded… Track 1 Start ++++++++++++

Iron birds of fortune / Adrift above the skies
Cloudy revelations / Unseen by naked eyes
Flying tools of torment / Will penetrate the sphere
Erupt the rock of ages / Bringing final fear

Instruments of destruction / Tools of foul play
It’s a vile interruption / Existance drifts away

Does it really matter / When nothing really does
Grave eternal darkness / When you’re, drained of every ounce
And when the nightmare’s over / The final from the storm Dust of all creation
To ashes we transform

Instruments of destruction / Tools of foul play
It’s a vile interruption / Existance drifts away

+++Metal Solo+++ +++End Track 1+++

First Entry

My name is Voluntas Atrum D’Phiarlan. This is my story.

I learned valuable information from my mother’s crystal memory shard. My mother was sent to cleanse some cultists. My father was sent on an unknown mission by someone called “Juliette”. They ended up in the same area being attacked by over 30 cultists. My mother escaped with her life only because my father sacrificed himself for her. I asked her if my father was a good man and she told me, “You were born out of love.” This is definitely not what I was expecting. I need to find this Juliette and figure out more about what my father was doing there.

Another battle was won today. A barbarian helped me in flanking the enemy while our allies held the front line like champs. Ignatius did an amazing job at holding down one of the enemy champions. That Dragon would have surely done us in if it were not for Ignatius.

The Barbarian demolished an ogre in what looked like 2 swings of his weapon, only to be stabbed in the back by some guy with a very unorthodox method of charging and a large spear. It reminded me of the stories I had read about Lord Southstar. I tried to save him but, I failed. Yet more blood on my hands. Yuriel and Crowe were able to do a good enough job of taking out the man with the spear. I was surprised at how well they dispatched him. I took his helmet for myself, he has no use for it now anyway.

Half of the enemies tried their hand at delivering me to my mother and father. Their death warrants were signed when they raised their weapons against me…yet more blood on my hands. They can never be cleansed of it now. Did your hands feel this dirty father?

Brin impresses me with her skills. I see enemies fall left and right and only see Brin waving her hand 20 feet back. I would not enjoy fighting her, I’m glad we are on the same side.

My father’s sword took another soul today. How much longer will my father save my life through his sword? Or is it really my own skills saving me…? My mother’s training? My father’s sword? My own strength? Are you watching me father?

Turns out this “Juliette” that employed my father was much closer than I thought. Turns out Juliette is also a man, odd name for a man. Kenta says he didn’t know he employed my father. He seemed to be telling the truth but, somehow I can’t believe that he doesn’t know more than he is telling me. Only time will tell.


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