Jaela Daran Fan Club

TDH Journal - Brin

Entry 1

My name is Brin, member of Grey Company, a mercenary group based in Breland. A tribeswoman from Q’barra, I’ve started this journal of my experiences with the Company at the request of a Sivis scribe, for journalistic purposes.

I’m with six members of the First-Tower squad. The Halfling Barden is incredibly talkative, and just as vulgar. Crowe is a very, very tall Daeva, and a nice guy. Yuriel is a Daeva as well, blessed by the wind. Voluntas looks like he’s still a rookie, but I have confidence in him, as he was assigned to us by Sir Kenta himself. Novakri is a Kalashtar from House Deneith. The obvious interpretation is that he’s a spy, but right now he’s also part of this mission. The squad leader is Ignatius, a stern Warforged who is very good at keeping his unit safe.

We’re currently headed to the Orcish city of Blackroot in the Shadow Marches. We are to meet with a Tharashk Inquisitive, Doria Valedaar, about recovering an artifact called The Coat of Eyes. For now, I’ll just enjoy this atmosphere that reminds me of home.


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