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Aenaeas's Journal - Seventh Entry

I got to the party a little late but just in time to help everyone take out some hydra thing.

I walked in and smacked the damned thing so hard it decided to run away like the bitch it is. Bad part though…I smacked it right into Yuriel…and it decided to take Yuriel with it.

I dove after it into the sea, but it ended up smacking me back up to the shore. It tried to go even further but, I don’t think it knew how far I could jump. Now, the last time I tried to save Yuriel, I got fucked up. So before I did anything I was considering if it was a good idea. Then I remembered I wasn’t a bitch and that day was just a huge string of bad luck. With all that bad luck I could have nothing but good luck for a damned long time. And shit, that means I should be MORE aggressive. So I went after the bitch ass Hydra thing again.

I used Randalf’s bird as a spring board and was able to get to the Hydra thing. Problem was…it was a quite few feet underwater…and I couldn’t see shit. I tried to swing in it’s general direction but missed. Then it swam even further away…with Yuriel still in it’s mouth. As I swam back up for breath I could hear Yuriel trying to fight it. I didn’t really know Yuriel very well but according to the party, Yuriel could fight farely well so maybe…I don’t know…maybe one day we’ll see Yuriel again.

We continued towards the tower thing that was our original goal. We found some undead dudes in there and fucked them up. I even ended up snagging some sweet bracers that supposedly unlock some arcane potential or some shit, who knows. I put them on and felt stronger. I guess I’ll know what they do the next time I smack something in the face.

We also encountered some holy, angelic blooded, chick in the tower. I uh, don’t have a good track record with angels…so I didn’t know if I could trust the bitch. Then Kurja attacked her. Haha, awesome, someone else who doesn’t trust OR like the bitch. Rin ended up diffusing the situation quite well though. I’m not really sure what the chick is after but, hey, maybe she can get me closer to killing Odysseus with some random quest or information or super item or some shit. Who knows.

Maybe I won’t even find out if Kurja has his way. He want to kill the bitch really bad…

Whatever. Can’t say angels have been overly useful to me in the past.

Aenaeas's Journal - Sixth Entry

I wasn’t planning to write anything about the last couple days…but ever since I got Zephyrus fixed…it’s been harping on me to write what happened so I remember not to overextend myself.

Long story short, we disguised ourselves as some of Orpheus’s people. I disguised myself as Orpheus himself. Then we infiltrated their camp.

Once inside we met little resistance until one specific dude was being an arrogant prick saying that Orpheus abandoned his post and that he was in charge now. We convinced him to take us to Remus so that we could “clear this up.”

On the way there we jumped them. While we were taking them out we got jumped by some other dudes. It turned out to be a much longer fight than we had imagined. I ended up getting knocked the fuck out but, we won. I should have known at that point that it was going to be a bad day…

When we finally got to Remus it was looking pretty bad for a while. I figured we could take him though. I was mowing through everything untill…he got two lucky shots on me…

I had been practically untouched the whole fight…

Even his stupid breath didn’t hurt me with all the magical and alchemical resists we had. Then he flew up next to me…and smacked me a couple times.

I got pretty fucked up, even my spear broke…

The party was able to finish him off though. When we got back everyone pitched in for my spears repair bill. The hospital’s bill to fix me was also pretty high…but whatever. Thanks everyone.

I can still feel the damned bruises, it sucks. I don’t think I’ve ever been taken down like that. Out of no where he just dropped me…

Whatever. Must have been lucky shots. Both of them…were lucky shots…yeah…

Whatever, long story short he’s dead and I’m alive. So we win. Bitch.

When we went back to Stella it turned out that we had gone through some time skip or something when we killed Remus and ended up 10 years in the future. Our new mission is to kill some bitch who pays for a lot of the empire’s bills. Makes sense to me, cut off the purse.

Chick’s name is Festaud il’Sook. I wonder when she’ll find out that the Wyrmslayer is after her and her days are numbered. Especially since he’s pissed that the last guy he was supposed to kill got some lucky shots in. Fuckin faggot.

Aenaeas's Journal - Fifth Entry

Well, I talked to the party about what happenned when they assaulted Remus’s place…

Turns out they got fucked up. Shin died. He got smacked the fuck up. Then his arm got ripped off. Then the party withdrew and left his ass behind. Most likely he was eaten. Damn, that sucks. For someone who always talked shit to THE MOTHER FUCKING WYRMSLAYER to get killed by a MOTHER FUCKING DRAGON must mean that he couldn’t put his money where his mouth was. Sucka.

Anyways, we are going to group up and gather intel and go back in more well prepared. I’m excited, been a while since I’ve gone toe to toe with a legit dragon. Maybe I’ll keep a tooth or something when I destroy him.

Turns out Sven died a while back and Remus was impersonating him. That’s funny.

Kurja and Damascus got pretty fucked up too. I guess the consensus is to go back in using stealth.

The intel on Remus is that he uses poison and fire type attacks. He is also a brash brute. Hah, brash brute, sounds like me. Maybe we could get alone, if he wasn’t a faggoty ass dragon.

Aenaeas's Journal - Fourth Entry

Another day, another dose of more political crap to deal with…

I guess some bitch called Erinblad de Vast and his whore consort are trying to make Stella look bad. Fuckers better not get her killed or something before she pays us for our services.

Anyways, we went off to the construction site that our leads told us would be a site for a meeting of some type. On the way there we ran into a guard unit led by Corkus. They wanted us to accompany them to the construction site. As soon as I saw them…I knew they were gonna get killed. I tried to tell them it wasn’t a good idea but hey, you don’t just come out and call the town guard a group of whiny bitches, you know? Can’t just be like, “Naw man, get the fuck out of here or you scrubs are gonna get killed.” Whatever, they made their choice.

We get jumped by some empire armored elves on the way there. No surprise all the guards get killed. Super surprise though that…well…I don’t want to write down anything else.

Godamnit, fuck you Zephyrus. I don’t want to. FUCK FINE. I DON’T NEED TO REMEMEBER THIS BUT FINE, I’LL WRITE IT.

Some nigger called Orpheus was in their group. Orpheus Northstar. I was focusing on his buddies for the most part since they were hurting us pretty bad. When we finally took them out I was pretty fucked up. Then that bastard Orpheus rushed me. While the party was cleaning up…the bastard abducts me and runs off. Here I am in this nigger’s arms all fucked up, thinking I’m gonna be victim to surprise buttsecks. Not fun.

He ended up just leaving me in a trash bin and talking to me. He said he was ally to the Wyrmslayer. Fuck that shit. I’M THE GODAMNED WYRMSLAYER. I explained to him about faggy Odysseus and how I’m hunting his ass down and how he’s a lieing cunt. He says that he might end up helping us if he thinks we are on the side of good. He even gives me some egg that is similar to what has been being used to turn people into those dragon hybrids we have been fighting.

Zephyrus told me to use the egg on myself, some kinda power or some shit. Who am I to refuse such a gift? I used it and got hooked up pretty nicely, I feel a little stronger and I got some small scales on my body now but, whatever.

Anyways, we finally got to the construction site and tried to setup an ambush but, instead we just set off some trap. The trap was a huge fucking mechanical bitch. We wooped its ass and found some items in it. I think Rin and Nalar ended up taking some of the stuff. Something about some armor that belonged to his daughter and a sword. Who knows about Nalar though, that guy gives me a weird vibe. I catch him looking at me funny sometimes. Maybe he’s gay.

We reported back to Stella and she told us she got owned at some meeting she went to. Erinblad’s people are going to be roaming the streets now. Erinblad the Vast? More like Erinblad the Vast Douchebag.

While we were talking to Stella I saw that fishy ass cat again. I think it figured out that I was on to it so it ran off. I was like, fuuuuuuck that bitch. I kill dragons, a fucking little cat isn’t gonna outsmart me! So i chased it!

We ended up cornering it in some alley. Figures though we would find someone else holding the damned cat. It just had to be the daughter of that bitch Raven killed a while back. Raven wasn’t with us at the time though, prolly chillin with some hot bitches. So anyways, I told the chick Raven was my homie and that I wasn’t gonna let her kill him. I don’t know what came over me but…instead of just beating the shit outa her I told her I’d give her a free shot on me.

She didn’t like that very much. Whatever. If she wants a shot at the champ, fine. Be my guest. Just don’t get angry when the champ gives you a taste of his signature moves. So she challenged me to a duel. She got owned. End of story.

Rin Journal 05

While on our way to the dealing that was supposed to go on at the construction site, we met up with a town guard unit. These guys were the best and last unit, led by Corkus, with Pippin as his vice-captain. We decided to stick with them for a while, because being the last town guard unit in a series of attacks against town guard units does not sound at all fun.

Not surprisingly, we were attacked. Surprisingly, they were a Valaes Tairn unit rather than more Bloody Knives posing as River Rats. More Surprisingly, Orpheus Northstar was leading them, declaring that he serves the Wyrmslayer. His presence here might mean that Psyche is also in the area, but that’s just a guess.

Despite our efforts (and a well-placed カート レヴォリューション), the last guard unit was wiped out. I’m sure things would’ve turned out differently if their commander was there…

While the party was occupied with the other troops, Orpheus ran off, carrying Aenaeas. We were concerned for a moment, but after we manage to catch up to them, it looks like Orpheus has begun to think a little more about who it is he’s sworn to serve. He also gave Aenaeas a mercury egg, which are apparently used to mutate those people into dragonoid creatures. That damn Theseus.

When we got to the construction site, it didn’t seem like anyone was there. When the huge construction golem activated, we were quite certain that this was a trap. When it declared its target priorities out loud, it happened to call out those of us who had something stolen in the past few days. Sure enough, Raven’s hunting knife was affixed on top of it. The rest of our stuff was likely inside its core.

Aenaeas leap attacked onto the golem and returned Raven’s knife to him, thus removing Raven from its priority list. Randalf took advantage of its single-minded combat script and dealt massive amounts of damage with his storm pillars. Since I was on its priority list, I kept Randalf out of range of its non-directional lasers. When I tried to climb into the golem to tamper with its core, however, it knocked me off and took me out for the rest of the fight.

After we got our items back, we noticed some magic power remaining in the golem’s core. After some discussion, we decided to use the core’s power on my scimitar and Viktoria’s armor scraps. The armor was completely repaired, and both items became stronger than they were previously.

Naral must have a lot going through his mind right now. He offered me his daughter’s armor, and that’s a great honor to me. I’ll be sure to get this armor back to their ancestral grounds.

When we reported back to Stella, she still wasn’t convinced that we had concrete enough proof about the attacks. The cat that we thought was strange before actually bolted out of the manor. Clearly, this cat is a spy. After a bit of chasing, we end up in River Rat territory, and run into a girl named Inira Montoy. Raven killed her father. This has potential to not end well.

Rin Journal 04

We headed off to Barrinsgate, to look for someone named Dark Star. This person would have information in regard to Remus. We gathered what various information we could on the way there, and it seems that Dark Star deals in goods that are worth at least 1000gp.

The city of Barrinsgate is run by three bandit groups that unified for the purpose of looking legitimate enough to be left alone by the Brelish government: the Blackhearts, which we discovered were the owners of that pirate airship that attacked us; the River Rats, who Raven seems to have angered; and the Bloody Knives, who are alright with our group due to our interactions with the other two groups.

While staying at an inn on the way to the city, some peasant farmers spoke of monsters that were wrecking the farmlands surrounding Barrinsgate. Taking care of that problem would garner us some rep, and hey, it’s on the way anyway. We found one bulette, and it was far larger than what we were told about them. This was likely a mother, and the ‘normal’ ones her children. We tried a couple of things to try taming it, but in the end, we fought and injured it enough that it fled. We took a large chunk of its flesh as proof of our victory.

After arriving at Barrinsgate and finding an inn to stay in, we receive a letter from Stella Lightbringer, the founder of the current governmental setup of the city. They say that she doesn’t really have any power in the city, but I’d say such a rumor is a good way to not draw attention to yourself.

At her lavishly decorated office, we had to convince her that we were capable of the task she wanted to have done. Afterwards, we met at her even more lavishly decorated residence, populated by numerous cats, to discuss the task itself. We could feel the abjuration magic throughout the area. We are to investigate the recent murders of guard patrols in the city, and provide solid proof.

We investigated the scene of the most recent attack, and found a flesh-colored scale. Yuriel used one of his many rituals to scry some things about the owner of that scale. After some more investigation, we discover that this person is from the Bloody Knives.

On our way to looking in on a location that Randalf triangulated for us, we were attacked by some of those dragonblood-mutated people. They announced themselves as River Rats, though they were identified as Bloody Knives after the battle. Though there were numerous enemies, we had to be careful of the civilians caught up in our fight, as well. One of them took a hostage to stay Naral’s hand. Fortunately, the Shield Bearer managed to free the child, and the attacker no longer stood a chance.

Though we won the battle, the leader of the attackers, Sharona, fled into the streets. The party split up, one group to pursue her, and the rest of us tended to the injured. Although we avoided magic that would injure indiscriminately, the chaotic nature of Yuriel’s and Raven’s magic had an adverse effect on the civilians, who could not withstand its residual presence. I soothed the minds of everyone I could, but I’ll have to tell the two of them to hold back on their stronger spells as much as possible when civilians are about.

Damascus informed me of a Khoravar named Erinblad de Vast, another prominent figure in the Circle of Peers who oversees public works and maintenance of government office. He’s recently been becoming more vocal about hiring some private security force on top of the city’s watch, which is Lightbringer’s responsibility. There’s also a new girl in the picture with de Vast, named Talria. He hadn’t looked into the name as of yet, but as Damascus commented, when a guy changes suddenly, it’s usually because of the new girl.

He also got a couple bits of info on Dark Star. She has connections with all three of the gangs; it’s important to have as many resources as you can, after all. It also seems that she only comes out at night; given her elusiveness, this would make sense. Though at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be a vampire, or something.

Lastly, Kurja met with me immediately after Damascus left. He informed me of three dragons that he detected in the city, but he couldn’t get too much information as he was suppressing his own aura to avoid detection. None of the auras he detected was similar to Raven’s, as the altered humans we fought had. Two of them are flighty, and hide throughout the city. One of those two, the strongest of the three, managed to detect Kurja’s presence. The third dragon stays in Bloody Knives’ territory. If we’re going to investigate any of them, we’ll probably have to start with that one, as we’re not exactly welcome in the other districts.

Aenaeas's Journal - Third Entry

Well…Zephyrus is bitching at me again to take note of some of the new information we’ve gathered. All I really want to write about is how we fucking owned the shit out of some shitty ass stone land sharks but…I guess other stuff is important too.

Lets see. We found out that the pirates that attacked our ship were blackhearts. We also came upon some bandits guarding the road asking us for a toll. I came really fucking close to killing them all for having the balls to ask US for a toll.

I mean really? Don’t they know who I am? I’m a fucking juggernaut, bitch!

They ended up giving us some information though. They told us that Darkstar is a fence for goods worth over a thousand gold. That could be useful later. They also told us that the Blackhearts run a part of Barrinsgate. Supposedly Darkstar also has connections with a lot of the higher ups in Barrinsgate.

We were chilling inside the inn when some farms came up crying like little bitches that Barrinsgate was being attacked by monsters. They said that if we helped out we could probably get a reward from the circle of peers in Barrinsgate. Guess that could be useful.

The circle of peers is a group of guild leaders of a bunch of bandit groups that banded together to try to pretend that they are legitimate. Hah, cute.

Speaking of cute, our group was talking about what we should call ourselves. Summer knights of the yellow rose turned out to be the consensus.

Anyways, we went to clear out the monsters. The “monsters” were those land sharks I was talking about earlier. We found a really big one. He just stood there. I tried to ride him and make him my pet but, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m not compassionate, unless it’s Yuuya, and I just wanted to kill it.

We tried to reason with the thing by feeding it and shit but, it wasn’t working. Yuuya even went up to it to see if she could reason with it. 5 minutes later she came back to us and said it didn’t speak english…

So we attacked it. We fucked up his knee pretty bad, a chunk of his flesh fell off. He ran away like a little bitch after trying to curb stomp me. It kinda hurt but, hey, I’m not the one who ran away.


We took the chunk of its flesh with us to Barrinsgate. They put it on a monument with our names on to show what we had done for the city. Yeah, we are fucking badasses.

We went to chill in the inn. It was called “The Inebriated Contemplating Cock in the Little Ron Ron.” Nicknamed “Ron Ron Ranch”. While we were chilling there we got a letter from some chick named Stella Lightbringer.

Turns out she is kind of a big name around these parts. She is the councilor and founder of the circle of peers. I guess there has been more crime lately so she wants us to investigate. Supposedly it seems like guards are being taken out by coordinated strikes. Her grounds are in the Bloody Knives territory. There is also a rumor going around that Stella doesn’t really have any more authority over the guilds in the town.

I ended up talking to some random guard of the Bloody Knives. I guess we gained positive reputation with them after killing those Blackheart bitches. He said he felt uncomfortable and that he thought there was some kind of cover-up going on within his organization. He also felt that his people might be behind the attacks. He told us the name of his leader as well, Sven the Fist.

We left to go see Stella later. We went to her office and it was pretty pimp. Shiney and expensive looking. She invited us to her house to talk about the specifics of the job.

When we got to her house it looked even more damned expensive than her office. We talked about the specifics of the job and it turns out if we do well, we are gonna get hooked up pretty nicely. While we were there talking to her another group was attacked and destroyed.

I think that maybe she should invest in better troops but hey, who am I to judge? A badass mother fucker, that’s who. Dumb bitch.

We went to check out where they were killed. It was a pretty remote part of town. Takeshi found out that they were killed by lethal bladed weapons. Could be military, most random ass street thugs don’t have access to military blades. So it’s trained attackers with good equipment jumping a group of unaware guards. Sucks for them. Haha.

We also found some scale there. One of our homies found out who the scale belonged to. With some sweet detective work we also found out his name and where he lives. We also found out that he works for Sven.

The plot thickens!

Randalf, using his awesome deductive abilities, was able to draw a map of the hideout of the culprits based on where the attacks had occurred. On the way to said warehouse we got jumped by some dragon hybrid fuckers.

I think I should invest in a sign that I should walk around with while I am adventuring with the party.

“Wyrmslayer here, do not attack. If you do attack, be aware you shall be utterly fucked up. PS: The Wyrmslayer will enjoy fucking you up.”

Well, actually, I do kinda enjoy killing nubs who think they have a chance with the champ. So I guess I wont be making any sign.

One of their people was actually pretty strong. I charged the bitch and pushed her back a few feet…and then she did it right back. I told her that I would kill her alone and while we were fighting everyone else killed her homies. Then we ganged up on her and she ran like a bitch. We captured her and questioned her later.

She told us that she was told to tell us that they were with the River Rats, even though they were actually Bloody Knives. She also admitted that someone had turned her into a half dragon, probably just like the other dude we were hunting earlier.

I mentioned Thesius’s name to her to see if she would respond. She did a little bit but I can’t be sure if it was because she recognized the name, or if it was because such a crazy strong manly ass mother fucker like myself was all up in her grill. It was probably just me.

We met up with Damascus later. He told us that Darkstar is in town. He also suggested that we release information that we need to get some very expensive items moved and that we need help doing so. Doing that might bring Darkstar to us.

Guards are still being attacked by people in Green and Yellow which is the River Rats’ colors. It could be more Bloody Knives posing as River Rats though.

The next morning Yuuya asked me to promise her that I wouldn’t hurt the person that is going to make her sick or some shit. She was being all cryptic so I was just like, what the fuck just tell me what’s going on and who is gonna hurt you. She said it was Raven and I was like whaaaaaaaaat? Then she fell over. I took her to the hospital and she explained to me how Psyche’s curse on Raven was affecting everyone strong around him. First ramaL then me. She has been fighting the curse for me ever since and I didn’t even know about it. If we don’t find this bitch and have her remove the curse, I guess Yuuya and I are gonna die.

Well shit, that sucks.

Jumping people in Alleyways - RJ05

So we jumped through the portal back to Eberron. Right, we also met up with Aenaeas, Yuuya, and Raven. I hope E’li, Troa, and Mars are alright. So back through the portal, we figure out that we’re still in the past of 949. We’re at an oasis in Talenta, and there’s a bunch of scholars and adventuring groups here.

For some reason, Naral couldn’t grow back his beard hair, so he tried to buy some magic hair growth potion from a Karrnathi merchant. I didn’t think it was a good idea at all, but I decided to leave his decisions up to him. Naral can take care of himself, I think, although the first thing he did with the tonic that’s supposed to apply is drink it. I don’t really want to get into much details after that, because it looked fairly disgusting, so I turned the other way and started talking to random people that were there.

Worst event of the day, ramaL seemed like he was sick. I don’t feel like talking much about this, otherwise I’ll just go off topic and be emo about it.

One of the groups that we met is The Unvanquished group. There was Bardan the Wise who knew of a lot of current events. His knowledge of women that he’s slept with, and their husbands social ranks were impressive. Eisolon the Dexterous, or “The Fastest Faggot in Eberron” as people whispered to me his title, was also just not for show. He wanted to play a quick pick up game of basketball, to which a couple of our group agreed. It was a 3v3 with two of The Unvanquished and four of us. Aenaeas, me, and Eisolon, against Naral, Shin, and Ayla of the Unvanquished. After all, this was just a pick up game. Oh, one thing I’d like to note, Aenaeas and Eisolon are two people that should be chosen first for basketball teams. Eisolon is really good with handling the ball, and Aenaeas is really good at getting open for a pass, and of course he can dunk the ball really easily.

Ayla, the mother of Genevieve, who’s that time mage, basically talked to us and told us that we shouldn’t interfere with the time events, otherwise time paradox. However, shortly after, Theseus had apparently followed us and started interfering with events, therefore there’s going to be a time paradox. We also ran into Eisolon again, and he was wearing one of those mind control tiaras. I don’t like those tiaras. They don’t even look that good. So, I broke his tiara, and told him to flee with the rest of the Unvanquished, and help escort those that can be saved. When Theseus came out, several of us shot Theseus, who then proceeded to run away and continue his attacks. I guess he’s not that cool of a guy anymore, because that’s not cool.

Anyways, a portal opened up, and Gaston came out, “saving” us. So we all jumped up to the portal, and we all ended up on a Lyrandar ship. We were on an airship going to Sharn, that was piloted by Kenta Darkmoon. So we were all still in year 949, but this seemed a lot safer than the oasis. While talking to Kenta, we realized that there were pirates, so we walked to the rest of the group to inform them, and we proceeded to repel them. They were some pretty crazy pirates though. Pirates of the past are no joke. Naral, that crazy beardless dwarf took a huge shot, which left a huge hole.. which I wouldn’t exactly like to describe where. Randalf also jumped off to fight a Balrog or something alone. Randalf the Gray, he’s a brave wizard indeed.

So we made an emergency landing to get a hold of our bearings, and we went to the nearby town Padua. Walking past an alleyway, we saw some guys jumping some dude in it. My first thought is that they’re beating up someone. And that’s bad! So me and Aenaeas, the others were somewhere else, walk up to the group. I tell the others to get inside so they can leave this guy alone. The boss man however stays outside. I ask for a reason, but whatever it was he was probably lying. So I pick up the guy they were beating up, and I look at the boss man. It seems like he’s just going to watch everything, so I decide that I’m not going to let him see what’s going to happen next. With a quick cast of Blinding Bolt, which kills him, and which makes sure he won’t order more people to beat up more unlucky people like this guy, I then let go of the guy who was getting beat up. Walking away though, he said something about Aenaeas, and his mother. Now I felt kind of bad. I know beating up people is bad, but insulting Aenaeas is worse! And he insulted his mother! At least, that’s his reasoning for killing the guy I tried to save anyway. I doubt there’s any reason to believe a random guy over Aenaeas anyway. I do remember him saying “elf” and “mother” in a condescending way. We also heard of an oracle nearby, so we decided to visit. Best part of the day, Julietta, the oracle, somewhat healed ramaL. Although he has to walk around with a pimp cane and gold crown slanted a little to the left, I’m so glad he’s better. So anyways, we have to go deal with Romulus’s brother too.

Whatever it is though, I don’t really like alleyways in big cities. It reminds me of the days before I joined up with Aenaeas, Yuuya, Aeros, and Kalek. Doing magic tricks for change just to eat, getting beat up by random thugs if you even looked a little rich. I hated having to steal other people’s money just to eat. I watched someone get beat up once. The guy ordered the biggest meal in a restaurant, while I was enjoying the food I got with some of the money I got from doing magic tricks. The guy ate his meal like he seriously enjoyed it. But when the guy came up and gave him the bill, he simply replied that he didn’t have any money. They promptly took him outside and beat him to a pulp. I put a hand in my pocket and figured out that I had enough money to help pay for him, but the guy was already knocked unconscious. Those people who enforced those types of laws didn’t help at all. Of course they always have good intentions, but when there’s no food in your belly and no copper in your pocket, it’s just a necessity to survive. However, that guy that Aenaeas put a hole through, he went out of his way to insult him, which is his fault. Thinking about it now, I guess it was his own fault that he was getting jumped by those guys, but I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. I felt like I needed to help him out regardless of the circumstances. It reminded me too much of those old days when the orphanage couldn’t even provide a loaf of bread a day. I hated those days. Jumping people in alleyways was just the easiest way to get the money we needed.

Rin Journal 03

After the commotion had died down from the emergency council meeting that Enya called, we went on our way back to Eberron. Aenaeas and Yuuya met back up with us at this point, and as we emerged from the portal, we found ourselves at an oasis in Talenta. Asking around, we’re in the year 949. No wonder Vyrellis didn’t know about Cyre…

After a colorful exchange between Naral, Takeshi, and a Karrnathi merchant, we discovered that Psyche’s toll for passage had a steeper cost than was immediately apparent. Though troubling, this didn’t stop us from enjoying a friendly game with another adventuring group, calling themselves The Unvanquished. Raven dominated for most of the match. I wonder if it should’ve been 2v4 to make it fair.

After the game, lady Ayla noticed the dimensional magic about our group, and asked about her daughter, Genevieve. She advised us to accomplish whatever it is we need to do, and go back to our own time. Not long after that, the oasis came under attack. The Cyran mercenaries that were there began killing the merchants.

We ran into Eisolon, who was now wearing a circlet similar to the one that Osiris used to deceive me. After Raven cut that one off, Theseus appeared and gloated about the attack on the oasis. Upon being struck by the Zephyrus, however, he decided to leave us and go about with his business. Another portal opened and Gaston showed up, telling us to flee through it. No one rescues the party like Gaston.

On the other side, we wound up on a Lyrandar airship. The captain was a Dragonmarked heir named Kenta Darkmoon. The ship was on its way to Sharn, but was attacked by pirates and had to make an emergency landing. Naral took a grave wound, and Morgan Freeman jumped off the ship to tackle a Balrog. In the nearby town of Padua, some craftsmen volunteered to go help repair the ship. We also heard some rumors of an oracle named Julietta in the neighboring town of Verona.

Julietta told us about Psyche’s curses, and even managed to lessen some of their effects. We would either have to get Psyche to remove the curses from us, or slay her. Since we all seem to have some reason to fight against Romulus’s forces, she also asked us to find and slay Remus, the twin brother of Romulus.

If he’s anything like his brother, we’re going to need to be prepared.

Aenaeas's Journal - Second Entry

Started off my day with a friendly game of basketball. Three on three. Raven, Eisolon, and I.

We fucking dominated. By the end…no beat down like that could be called friendly. What the fuck were they thinking challenging someone from the Southstar house to baskertball!? Well…actually…Raven was the damned MVP. He did some crazy ass shit. It was awesome.

Damnnit, Zephyrus is saying that I need to write about all this political shit going on. Fine.


Ok, lets see.


Uhhh…our camp got attacked by that faggot Dragon. Theseus or whatever bitchass name he goes by. He didn’t even do most of the fighting. He had some bullshit tiaras that put people under his control. What kind of Dragon doesn’t do his own fighting and gets by with shitty, underhanded, pussy shit?

Oh wait, all of them. That’s why I fucking own Dragons.

But I mean really, a Tiara? Is he trying to kill us or make people look pretty? What a gayass tool. No little bugs or some shit, no belts, no necklaces, not even a fucking helmet. A TIARA. God, I want to kill him so bad. Maybe killing him will lead me to Fagysseus.

We actually did get to see him though. A couple guys tried to hit him but didn’t do much. Raven burned him pretty nicely. I leap attacked him. It hurt. He didn’t like it very much. I think he’ll remember who I am next time we see him.

What do i mean next time? I didn’t kill him? No, I didn’t. He’s a little bitch. I hit him once and he ran away crying like a fucking scrub.

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, politics.

He got out of the camp through the portal Zhaleik had showed us with Gaston.

We ended up in some airship. Are we back in time? In the future? I don’t even know. I think it was the past cuz that fool Kenta had two arms.

Pirates attacked the ship a little while after we got on. Wrong ship bitches. We took out the garbage but not before the ship was damaged. We landed near Padua and went there to get some info and maybe some parts to repair the ship.

In Padua me and Raven happenned to come upon some fool getting beat down for cash he owed some club owner or something. Who knows. They asked us to leave but I followed Raven’s lead. Long story short…He killed the boss and I killed the guy who owed them money. How did that happen? Who really knows. They were both dicks so, who cares. Well…actually…the boss guy was kinda cool, he gave me a card to look him up for favors and such. But since Raven killed him…I tore up the card and left it in the alley. Whatever.

Raven got some info about some nameless oracle. Turns out she’s also known as Julietta.

Rin found out where Julietta was in Verona so we headed out that way.

We went through “Stirge Forrest” on the way.

...It is now known as “Forrest”.

Yeah, you get the picture.

We got to Julietta and she was able to reduce the effects of some curse everyone got suckered into by some dragon.

Couple days later I found some gnome taking a shit in some bushes. He ran but, I followed. A pair of shitty shoes, a beartrap, and an apologetic hunter later…I found the gnome again. He told me about the dwarf we are rolling with. Turns out he is wanted by the gnomes who run the “Trust”. His family is known to torture fey creatures and they derive their power from some good dragon they have captive. He told me to watch my back cuz he might try to torture me or something.

I laughed at him and I told him he should try. I havn’t been able to let my aggression out for a while. Turned out the little gnome was from the clifftop guild in sharn, he gave me his contact information. He also told me to be careful if the dwarf fellow meets up with his family.

This is awesome. If I happen to kill him I can say it was self defense cuz he’s known for torturing fey creatures.



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