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TDH Journal - Brin

Entry 1

My name is Brin, member of Grey Company, a mercenary group based in Breland. A tribeswoman from Q’barra, I’ve started this journal of my experiences with the Company at the request of a Sivis scribe, for journalistic purposes.

I’m with six members of the First-Tower squad. The Halfling Barden is incredibly talkative, and just as vulgar. Crowe is a very, very tall Daeva, and a nice guy. Yuriel is a Daeva as well, blessed by the wind. Voluntas looks like he’s still a rookie, but I have confidence in him, as he was assigned to us by Sir Kenta himself. Novakri is a Kalashtar from House Deneith. The obvious interpretation is that he’s a spy, but right now he’s also part of this mission. The squad leader is Ignatius, a stern Warforged who is very good at keeping his unit safe.

We’re currently headed to the Orcish city of Blackroot in the Shadow Marches. We are to meet with a Tharashk Inquisitive, Doria Valedaar, about recovering an artifact called The Coat of Eyes. For now, I’ll just enjoy this atmosphere that reminds me of home.

Bardan's wandering thoughts

Entry 1

Bardan Thimblestout is the name (atleast thats what I’ve been told by a few unruly people I have met that chased me out of their town)... putting people down is the game. At any rate, I’m writing this just in case I find myself yet again beaten half to death in some dank alley with my memory gone. I’ve joined up with some mercenery group called Grey Company and placed with First Tower squad… bunch of orc fodder if you ask me but will do for now. Went on first mission and killed stuff, saved townsfolk, and some chic Doria with nice tits that I got to cop a feel on. Found treasure.. managed to get a few extra gold coins to myself and then got paid. All in all not a bad outting. Have managed to piss off some Dwarven cleric… female I think (you never can tell with them) after beating her at cards and winning this love potion which I plan on using real soon …hmm.. I wonder where Brin is at? These will get longer on days I’m not as drunk… well time to go get another ale.

Blackcap I - Brin

Sypheros 18
After a six month break, First-Tower Squad is being sent to the Blackcap mountains in northern Breland, where we are to recover a relic sword. It appears that House Deneith has recently sent two Blademark squads into those mountains, and failed in their mission. I wonder if this mission we’re on is the same as theirs?

Bardan's wandering thoughts

Entry 2

Ok… so its been a few weeks and a lot has happened so hopefully I can sort it all out in my drunken memory. Also had nothing to write with till now… Im sure the ink pen will not be missed by the person who’s pocket it feel out of HAHAHA Well we are on another glorious quest for treasure, ale, women, and I believe some sword. Had a run in with some man at the train station who claimed I fucked his wife… hope she was HOT! At any rate the Drow elf I got later was for sure.. she was still warm I swear! We helped out some refuges defeated some cult of the cockery bandits. Best part of the adventure was the farm house demolition derby… all Im gonna say about that one is OH YEAH! Novakri was killed… kinda sad actually. I was starting to like putting him down. The rest of the squad isnt really as funny to do it to although Crowe and his gay tendencies towards Cairo are getting a good laugh. We fully humiliated some Blademarks we ran into. I am one mean intimidating penis slapping interrogator. I left them looking like crotch junkies and then we sent them back to mommy (the rest of their group) crying. At any rate we are now in some town called Ak… Ak… Ak something damnit I need another ale already and my head is throbbing! Running low and I think I see the sun starting to come out! Crap… I believe we are rolling out today… I may not make this trip or maybe catch up later somehow.

Prime Log 1

Riverside Combat

First Tower had major contact after coming ashore and establishing camp. This time it was not an illusion, but reality. A woman from Frena Firstlight’s team, Dajani ambushed our group with madness induced fervor. Utilizing cloaking gear and teleportation, she managed to grievously wound Yuriel, whom she has a connection to. Her peculiar blade, appearing to made of flowing light yet pulsed with the unearthly green common to the Heretical Ones and having a spiked attached to a chain connected to the sword itself, posed a venomous threat to the less fortified squad members. However, we caught on to her techniques and illuminated her to the error of her ways.

Deep Strike

Infiltration of the mountain fortress is under way. We have requisitioned a dryad’s house to use as a patrol base. Learning the way of the heretics is a faith shuddering tactic, but the ability to adapt is one of the greatest feats one can have. We have experienced the heretics’ military training, faith and some of their relevant history. Their combat training has been continually ramping up due to Frena herself taking command of the sect. Into the Belly of the Beast we go.

Blackcap II - Brin

Aryth 17
We’re currently on a boat headed upriver toward the Pillars of Night, heart of the cultist operation. We recruited an odd-looking Drow who calls himself Dredge. It’s nice to have another party member with a shadow affinity, even though he’s got amnesia. Bardan’s been trying to sing to the fishes pulling our boat to get them to go faster, but I don’t think those fish can be inspired to do much more than they already do.

Bardan's wandering thoughts2

Entry 3… I think

Yo ho yo ho and another ale Bardan drinks. Life is tediously boring at the moment stuck in this old town full of cultists trying to blend in. The trip up here was interesting though. Boat ride upstream pulled by fish which reminds me… I hope that dwarf didnt notice one missing. Made a fine meal that fish did HAHA At any rate what happens as soon as we set foot on land again? DAmn cockery cultist attacking some village. We took care of them and their booger color haired warlock friend. The new party member… a drow is a strange fellow. Always throwing shrouds or some shit. Forgot his name already as I’m bad with names anyways. Im sure it’ll eventually stick in my mind… maybe when Im sober. Well after that we got attacked by some teleporting wench at night. Damnit! I had a pretty good buzz at the moment too. Talk about a buzz kill. We managed to take her down once someone thought of grabing her cloak off her taking away her teleportation powers. I personally would have found a way to take a few more items of clothing off of her though. Found the grave site we were looking for but no darn sword or body for that matter. I would put gold on we shall run into both later on at some point and it wont be pretty. Which brings me to where I am now. Apparently closer to this pillars of something or other where the bad guys we are after reside. There better be treasure or there shall be some more penis slapping. Damn cult of cockery!

Crowe's Quick Notes

End of Aryth
“During our charade of pretending to be in the Mockery, I met a novice in training who offered me his guise. He then somehow began to think there would be two of him, and this mask would let him live on, thus committing seppuku right on the spot. I guess my name in the Mockery is now Bobert, as that was the name this man used to introduce himself to me. The Mockery is indeed strange.” – Crowe

The Pillars - Brin

Vult 4
We’ve made it back to Adakmi. The cult of The Mockery has been scattered and the Blade of St. Gavus has been secured. Voluntas’s mother lost her life, but I believe she earned a shot at redemption. The new recruit also fell in battle against the demon called Narash. It’s a shame the shadows didn’t embrace him more strongly. At least I get to borrow Maria’s pillow until we get back to Sharn…

My patron spirit speaks to me more clearly now, through the Saint’s sword. Though our entire mission was for the sake of retrieving this sword for our benefactor, I think it’s too important to my patron spirit to let it go. Fortunately, First-Tower has also suggested that we try to negotiate keeping the sword. I hope that goes well, but I’ll have to wait a few weeks to see.

Prime Log 2

The Road Back to HQ

The deep strike operation was successful, the sword is in First-Tower’s possession. We lost a second squad member during the last battle, an oft recurring scenario as of late. Dredge shall nonetheless live on in all of us. We have proven our relevance out in the field, something House Deneith is sure to take note of. Their next actions will need to be watched carefully.


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