Tag: FirstTower Squad


  • Pilatrius

    Pilatrius is an interesting and intelligent sentient undead from Karrnath. He has a hell of a poker face. He separated from First-Tower during the Talentaan campaign, trying to save Karrnathi troops from a Valenar raid.

  • Ghem

    An ex-Vadalis breeder from Breland. Despite his looks, he's an enthusiastic learner, and well-versed with animals. It can be assumed that Ghem did not work for House Vadalis for long, due to his young age.

  • Dead Eye

    Dead-Eye is a mercenary from the Q'barran Forest Bow tribe, where Brin also originates. There, he learned to survive in the harsh jungles, even without help from his peers who judged him as an outcast. He uses a shortbow or bothhand's a hand-and-a- …

  • Mao (deceased)

    Mao is a quiet and shy girl who doesn't get noticed much. A low level shadowspeaker from the Chi'vax tribe, she was engaged to Disatot, and best friend to Brin. She was killed during the Valenar campaign, during a critical scouting mission.