Tag: Q'barra


  • Brin of the Chi'vax

    Brin is from a family of Shifters who lived among the Chi'vax, a Dragonblood tribe in Q'barra. From an early age, she has had a connection to the dragon spirits, and thus became a Speaker of the tribe. Of the spirits, Brin has a close affinity for Shadow …

  • Dead Eye

    Dead-Eye is a mercenary from the Q'barran Forest Bow tribe, where Brin also originates. There, he learned to survive in the harsh jungles, even without help from his peers who judged him as an outcast. He uses a shortbow or bothhand's a hand-and-a- …

  • Mao (deceased)

    Mao is a quiet and shy girl who doesn't get noticed much. A low level shadowspeaker from the Chi'vax tribe, she was engaged to Disatot, and best friend to Brin. She was killed during the Valenar campaign, during a critical scouting mission.