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Party Make-up


  • Captain Spartacus of Suzail, Riedran Crysteel Knight
    • Named “of Suzail” upon his promotion to Swordcaptain by General Gauron Truesilver, current leader of the Crysteel Knights. He was ordered to bring honor and glory to his home realm, and to never tarnish the name of his nation’s capital. He later led the Cormyr slave-rebellion as an acting General, leading over 2,000 soldiers and slaves against the corrupt monarchies of Riedra.
  • “Eboncross”, Dhakaani Assassin
    • Formerly Byakuya Shinjo, this young Dhakaani noble was trained as a shinobi since the age of 6. When his charge, a princess from the Utaku family, was slain by Brelish mercenaries, he made a deal with the Wordbearer sect that left him with only half his body and even less of his soul.
  • Former Captain Lance “Chunk” Korrell, Cyran Slayer
    • After losing an entire squad to Karrnathi pigs, Lance has joined the Sparta Company for the fame and fortune guaranteed to be found with former General Spartacus. Though his love of money and women are overpowering, his climbing through the ranks of the Arkhosian army is a testament to his fighting prowess.
  • Janky High-Horn, Riedran Arkhosian Mage
    • Trained by the Arkhosian mages in the city of Archangel, Janky has powers to rival the strongest Cormyrian Reapers. His name is from a mountain range in Cormyr.
  • Dincu “Bow Derek” Sindar, Valenar Hunter
    • Prodigy of House Ghostrider, Dincu is the favored child of its matriarch, Zadkiel. His nickname was given to him after his human allies misheard his first name translation, “silent bow”. Father is Kaien. Birth mother’s name is Karura. Earned a Valenar horse with Nightmare Blood that he named Kirndor.


  • Virgil Maxus of the Ga’jeel Tribe, Q’barran Bloodspeaker
    • From a tribe that worships and reveres iron dragons, Virgil wears stylistic metal piercings and effects. His magic affects the blood and catalyzes natural body regeneration to heal at a rapid rate. Though an intimidating man, he bows to the war experience of Lance and Spartacus. He wields a trikal, a halberd-like Q’barran weapon.
  • Sena “Zen” Shinjo, Dhakaani Samurai
    • A battle veteran with a young face, Sena was enthralled by Thor’el and what she calls the “dance of the hammers.” As young Dhakaani noble from the Shinjo Family, of the Kirin Clan, she has a natural talent for being a courtier, preferring to win battles with words and display of force, than through bloodshed. She has taken a compliment by Dincu to heart, and wears her hair down, much to Zallara’s chagrin. She joined Sparta Company after a joint operation in eastern Breland, impressed by the bravery of Captain Spartacus and the martial abilities of the slayer, Thor’el.
  • Babs, Cyran Fighter
    • Cyran by blood, Babs nearly beat her recruiter to death after he mistook her for a man. She has some history with Sasuke, meeting him soon after he landed in Arkhosia. She is the tattoo artist responsible for the menacing dragon tattoo covering the side of Sasuke’s face.
  • Kaffa Novanion, Q’barran Valley Khoravar Ranger
  • Menh Blackhand, Cyran Cleric of Kol Korran


  • Thor’el of the Thunder Peaks, Lightning Dragonblood Slayer
    • His name was from a mountain range in Cormyr. He fell, taking with him three vicious Faewyld-born wolves, to a watery grave.
  • Zallara, Valenar Priestess of Vulkoor
    • Strong, zealous, and unshy, Zallara wore little clothing, if any. Her chocolate brown skin was covered by tribal tattoos in white inks. She joined the Sparta Company with the goal of conquering a Valenar prince, and she had set her sights on Dincu. She fell during guard duty, ambushed by several dryad tree-guardians in the Highblade Grotto.


  • Ripley Tilverton, Riedran Hexblade
    • A young hero with an enchanted blade, he is named after a city that was razed to the ground in the Cormyte Rebellion, over ten years ago.
  • Sasuke Summersun, Elfblood Warpriest of the Sun
    • A charming young boy with Elven blood in his veins, Sasuke was adopted by a Cormyrian noble family, hoping to rise in standing by investing in Khorvairan land and businesses. With the success of Sasuke’s military campaign, he is granted money for armor and weapons befitting a noble, and the adoration of his step-sisters.


Our Story Begins

July 16, 2011 17:00

A bloodied elf is found just outside Pakvill, a small village in the province of Cormyr. He is taken prisoner until he is instantly befriended by five children of the village, who reluctantly unlock his cell after stealing his sword. The children, led by Sasuke Pak grandson of the village chief, go to explore some ruins behind his home. They go down into a chamber and are followed by the elf when there’s a cave in and the six are stuck underground and pass out.

The six are awoken by a voice and find themselves in pitch black. The voice explains that Sasuke is descended from Arkhosia, the same country the elf is from, and the five children are given ancient weapons to protect themselves. The six managed to find another way out and surfaced nearby.

The kingdom of Riedra rules Cormyr with an iron fist and has set up an inquisition to rout out dissenters in the province. Having heard of the elf prisoner, the town of Pakvill came under occupation of the Riedran government. A bishop from the capitol lead the forces and seriously wounded the village chief when he tried to stand up to the government forces. One of the children, Ripley, heard the barking of his dog. The group went to investigate and found his dog cornered by a large creature with four arms. Ripley fearing for his dogs safety charged the creature and was immediately knocked unconscious. At the advice of the elf The rest of the group ran and managed to carry Ripley with them. The elf trying to slow it down; managed to wound the creature on the run and Sasuke finished it off. After the creature died it’s form changed into that of the bishop.

The group now with one injured member, and as Sasuke wanted to visit his grandfather, snuck into the hospital in town. Grandfather Pak was seriously injured and so was unable to leave. He told Sasuke of his Arkhosin heritage and told the children to go with the elf. The children followed the elf as he led them stealthily through the forest and to the Arkhosian front.

-Dincu Sindar

Ten years later

July 09, 2011 17:00

With no other orders than too disrupt the Karnath army, an Arkhosian unit lead by Captain Spartacus makes it’s way north across the harsh plains. They are met by a robbed stranger along the way who attacks the party, revealing himself to be a Karnath necromancer. The necromancer summoned skeletons and zombies to his aid, but they were quickly dispatched before the whole party focuses on him and he was overwhelmed. After burning the bodies the party rests for the night and continues in the morning, making their way into a small town.

The majority of the party headed for the only tavern, while Spartacus walked around to speak to the locals. In the tavern Sasuke buys everyone a round of beer and becomes friendly with most of the people. The party spent some time in the tavern when Spartacus returned and called Dincu for aid in investigating a local rumor. They went to the gallows and found the charred body of a Karnath soldier who had reportedly killed for desertion, but nothing out of the ordinary stuck out to them as they examined it. On the way back they saw what looked like a child being chased by several men. Dincu recognized that was indeed his own father, Kyan, that was being chased and shot the men as they tried to beat him. Hearing the commotion the rest of the party staggered out of the tavern and Spartacus yelled them into action as they sober up and ran out of the town losing the mob that had been forming.

When they felt it was safe to slow down Kyan explained that he was looking for Spartacus’ unit to tell them to meet up with the calvary unit from the Ghostrider clan. With no real specific orders before they agreed to follow Kyan as he lead them towards where he was supposed to meet up with the Ghostriders. Eventually they entered a forest and after a few hours spoted a camp of Karnath soldiers. The party prepared to Ambush the camp when the camp was raided from the end by elves on horseback. The party cleaned up the soldiers on their side and Kyan identifies the elves as the Ghostrider clan. The leader of the Ghostriders, Zedkiel, rode forward on her nightmare to meet Dincu and asked if he leads the party, to which he nervously replied yes. A few survivors are found and questioned, the first was uninformative but the others were more cooperative after seeing the nightmare eat stubborn soldier. They revealed that they have a large army camped near a cave they are exploring for an object of power, one they don’t want their enemies to find. Zedkiel tells Dincu to take “his” party and investigate the cave and bring the object to her, meanwhile Zedkiel is going to take the Ghostriders and raid the main camp as a distraction. With this everyone rested for the coming battle.

-Dincu Sindar

Cecily’s Heart I

Sparta Co. returns to the dangerous forge: Cecily’s Heart, an ancient Cyran forge within the Sacred Tooth mountain. Spartacus has taken the head of the rebel leader, a fabled Brelish Dark Lantern; a monstrous Silk Wyrm; dozens of Craud warriors, monstrous crab people; a giant flammable ice cube; and a hellish Cave Roper.

Sent by an Arkhosian Knight from the city of Archangel, of a race known simple as the CASTs, Sparta Company seeks the ancient Cyran weapons of the legendary blacksmith. But something dark lurks deep inside Cecily’s Heart… an ancient evil responsible for the first downfall of the First mighty Arkhosian Empire. Spartacus and Janky, sons of land, Cormyr, do not go alone. Allied with the greatest heroes of the New Arkhosian Empire, Lance of New Cyre, Eboncross of Dhakaan, and Dincu of Valenar, the fight with their tenets…

All risk.

No reward.

Cecily’s Heart II

Sparta Company withdraws from the deadly dangers of the “abandoned” Cyran fortress, Cecily’s Heart. Severely wounded, Eboncross, drifts between life and death as the healer Virgil employs his (questionable) medical expertise to help.

The rangers, Kaffa and Dincu, get you back to the city of Housman without any incident. However, anti-Arkhosian sentiment is higher in the city than when you had left. Though the city is still occupied by a small number of CASTs and Q’barran Honor Guard, an Arkhosian army of several hundred now occupies the city.

With a stern face, Babs warns you all to watch your actions carefully. The new Arkhosian recruits in the city are most effectively lead by example, and there exists no better to follow than Sparta Co…

Cecily’s Heart: Final

Delving deeper into Cecily’s Heart, Sparta Company found a group of eccentric Cannith artificers, researching the magic of the forge. Forming a brief alliance with them, the group headed into the haunted halls, only to find death and dark magic. A hellish wight, an undead creature of hatred and sheer violence consumes the life energy of the Arkhosian Mage, Janky, turning him against his party. Unable to resist his powerful magics, Dincu, Zen, Eboncross, Virgil, and Tumtov all fall to poisonous gas, sleep spells, and his deadly beguiling strands. Soon after, the Canniths all fell in the same way.

With loyalty brimming from her heart, Kaffa Novanion led the remaining Sparta Company to search for her Captain. They found them. And Spartacus, or what was left of him, ripped out her heart and consumed it.

They were never heard from again.

Lance somehow sensing the impending doom of Sparta Company, quietly and without notice slipped out to continue his ever consuming quest to bed as many whores as possible and some day rule the world. He was last seen charging down a hillside into a halfling encampment…

Arkhosia PCs and Journal

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