A changeling is a shapeshifter, the result of a union of doppelgangers and humans, but a race distinct from either ancestor. A changeling is the size of a human, arms and legs slightly elongated. Hair is always of a fair color, and thin. And skin is a light hue, typically grey. Changelings are able to shapeshift into other medium sized humanoids, and make their lives, typically, as a normal humanoid. Most changelings strive to live, with their abilities, in normal society, trying not to draw attention to their changeling nature.

Unlike doppelgangers, changelings are born as male or female, and can never change this. Any other part of their body is alterable, including their vocal chords (though specific voices are difficult to mimic). Furthermore, for some reason, when pregnant, a changeling loses her ability to shapeshift into a male, and is unable to physically hide the fact that she is pregnant. And thus, a female changeling who has chosen a mate is a serious choice.

Many changelings have a preferred form, usually resembling their true form. Under extreme duress, like under the effects of a powerful drug, or suffering a painful disease, a changeling will revert to their true form (or preferred form if they have one). Much of a changeling’s body will revert to its true form, when killed.

True changeling names are typically monosyllabic, resembling a nickname.


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