Note: This only applies to our world of Eberron


Located in the west-central of Riedra, Cormyr is a relatively new province. In 1015 YK, Civil War erupts, soon lighting the citadel of Pax Thracis ablaze with dissenters, assisted by the Arkhosian government. In 1018, King Erzoured Obarskyr is publicly executed on a number of offenses, mostly related to his abuse of power. He was responsible for kidnapping, wanton slaughter of innocents, wrongful imprisonment, and the murder of his advisory cabinet. He was succeeded by Queen Teletha Cormaeril. Gauren Truesilver led the renegade army in the capture of Suzail, the capital city. Within months, the rest of Riedra was conquered, and its Quori Overlords were overthrown.


A key figure in the Cormyrian rebellion, Gauron Truesilver, scion of the Truesilver family, is now the Commander of the Purple Dragon army. The army colors are White and Purple. Deployed in Arkhosia, their colors are Purple and Gold.

Fully geared Purple Dragon veteran knights, wearing armor made from Riedran Crystal are nigh invulnerable to magical and physical attacks and move faster than any armored Khovairian, making them a terror on the battlefield.

Cormyte psions are referred to as Reapers, and wear distinctive black and purple robes (no other military unit is allowed to wear black). The most feared units that Cormyr can field, a unit of veteran Reapers can demolish the most hardened Khorvairian soldiers and their lack of psionic defenses.


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