Emperors Tear Epilogue

This is the epilogue page for the Spring 2009 Campaign, the Emperor’s Tear.

Eberron : Thrane Group complete.

Ryvus settled and married Renge, and became the watchful guardian of her and her twin sister, Megumi, the two of them taking minor adventuring jobs, seeking the fun and excitement that Ryvus attained.

Jerulas eventually reunited with his son and his aloof girlfriend, Tybalt. He was given charge of his own 400 man company, which he named the Dragon Templars. Jerulas and Ryvus go bowling on Zul (Tuesday) nights.

Aleric+Yuki became personal guards to the Keeper of the Flame, Jaela Daran, assistants to Archbishop Gabriel, and personal guardian to the young Tahnia. His days were spent in Flamekeep’s temple in relative peace, his opinion respected by his peers because of the wisdom and resolve shown through his actions as one of the Warrior Ambassadors of Aundair.

Aris+Rengar became plane-jumpers, and eventually found their way to a well known city named Sigil. Wacky hi-jinks ensued.

Altair+Alizee were not seen in Eberron for some time. Jerulas’ sword and Aleric’s tapestries still waiting to greet the angel at the Gloaming Gate in northern Aundair.

Haruka went back to the freelance adventuring business, teaming up with Big Rock and Little Rock’s merchanting organization. Her handle from then on became Pop Rock.

Kenta and Vorian returned to Valenar at the behest of Princess Kagura. There, they rejoined with their respective warbands, Darkmoon and Southstar.

Grats on your success, everyone. I’ll see you all again when we start the True Summer Campaign, Rune Soldier.

Emperors Tear Epilogue

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