Genesis is a campaign in which dead Player Characters, most played by Ron, wake up in hell and journey together for the ultimate goal of returning back to life.

A mysterious noble lord appropriately named Vecna is rumored to hold the key to reincarnation. But will it be that easy to wrest the secrets from him? And what role does Excalibur and Caliburn play?

Hellion Arc

All Roads Lead to Mao [MVP Vile] (Mar19)
Genloneras wakes in the catacombs underneath the Hellion, an ancient but active gladiatorial arena, as fights under the name Gen Invictus. Nearly being killed in the arena, he is saved by an armored gladiator known as Vile Invictus. When Lord Marius, the sponsor of the games calls Vile to meet with him, it is revealed that growing within Vile’s armor is Mao, a woman very important to Gen, in life.

Meet No’vak(ri) (Mar26)
Genloneras finds himself unable to eat or drink anything, save the blood of a fellow gladiator, No’vakri. Nevertheless, he expresses concern for a fallen Invictus member named Corborus. Pallas, the caretaker, sends the gladiators down to the 17th baesment floor in search of an herb with special healing properties called Arthas’ Tears. They find implications of the ruthlessness of Lord Helios and remnants of what slew the previous gladiators of the 17th floor hundreds of years ago.

Step Up: Helios [MVP Gen] (Apr9)
For the final fight scheduled that day, it is revealed that the two nobles Lord Helios and Lord Ravus were in the locked in the Invictus cell. Team Invictus takes their revenge against Team Dragonlance for their star gladiator’s actions against Pallas. Lord Marius, intent on killing Helios, releases a shadow dragon into the arena. However, the guards are overwhelmed and the dragon turns on Marius. A dark six-eyed dragon god appears in the sky, angered that a dragon was enslaved there, and destroys the arena. Also, it stepped on Helios’ severed head. But it was okay.

Team Invictus heads to the nearest settlement, a small town called Rebache. The town is embroiled by a clan war between two Dwarven clans. A group of 3 ex-gladiator elves headed by a tall-elf named Socrates allies with the party.

Clan War Arc

Gen and Core Make a Porno [MVP Gen] (Apr23)
Team Invictus allied with the Firebelcher Clan and had Team Zin’Aeterna ally with the Earthhammers. Assisting the Firebelchers, Team Invictus sabatoged an Earthhammer attempt hiring Hellion gladiators by the use of weak poisons (recovering Pallas in the process). They assisted in the retrieval and deciphering of a forbidden Earthammer jutsu scroll. And they managed to wound the Earthhammer hero, Tekjin.

Eventually, Team Invictus was confronted by Ron of the Earthhammer, and forced to reveal their plans to dissolve the conflict. In the aftermath, Gen was saved by a natural disaster by Corborus, his battle partner as a gladiator in the Hellion.

The conflict between the two clans was eventually calmed after Genloneras assumed marshalship of Rebache and stepped between the two clans with guns and crossbows pointed at either side.

Big Trouble, Little Tortuga Arc

Vile Lost a Whole MAO (???)
Sol Invictus arrives in the foggy port city of Tortuga, searching for Brannigan’s ship. Vile meets with a witch claiming to be able to rid him of his curse. The witch removes the green-eyed Mao from Vile, but the curse remains. Soon, Mao is kidnapped by the boss of the city. And it turns out that the boss of the city also has Brannigan’s ship!

The party kills attackers of the Yellow Dragon clan, but is unable to save a CAST named Ma-Ti. They are contacted by Ma-Ti’s allies, an Earthmage CAST named Kwame. Together, they plan a joint raid on the Yellow Dragons’ base of operations.

Jurrasic Gen: The Lost KY (???)
Entering the courtyard, Prince Genloneras seduces a Lizard Behemoth to secure his group’s passage. (Incomplete)

Vile-amari Rammucy (???)
An avatar of Shadow God Kurja meets with the party, taking with him, a tribute of 42 gold pieces. The party faces off with the Master of the Yellow Dragon clan, slaying him, in the end. (Incomplete)

Skyship Arc

28 Seconds Later (Jun25)
The party asks Kwame to guard Brannigan’s recently regained truck, while they track down Sage Vae to heal Gen’s broken legs. Upon returning, Kwame and his associate Gi attack them, claiming that Hellraiser has kidnapped their missing ally, Linka, using her to power Brannigan’s ship. Kwame and Gi are killed.

Brannigan flies his truck into the sky, landing on the deck of Brannigan’s giant skyship, The Nimbus. Exploring the halls, the party finds acid spitting zombies, Brannigan’s former crew, and a powerful, regenerating tentacle, seeming to reach into the world from another dimension. Genloneras is, once again, gravely wounded, and begins contracting the symptoms displayed by the acid zombies.

In the zombie attack, half of Team Invictus is forced to flee The Nimbus, Rammus piloting Brannigan’s truck to land safely. Brannigan and his new crew must defeat the crew of old, take control of his ship, and reunite with his friends.

Somewhere Over the Nimbus (Jul10)
In the medical bay of the Nimbus, only one Enertron remains, a magically advanced machine capable of healing wounds. Freeing its occupant, a demihuman with vestigial horns introduces himself as crewmember Iz, former servant to the Beast Princess Katarina and former tutor of a young Prince Genloneras and Prince Karvassimon. The dimension-crossing tentacles attack Gen in his weakness, but Iz sacrifices himself to save him, in his death, revealing his true minotaur form. Vile and the other members of Invictus manage to fend off the attack by destroying the wall where the dimensional portal opened. Iz leaves behind his string instrument and an amulet bearing the symbol of what he called the Labyrinthine Court.

Pallas reveals her magical power, casting a powerful Arcane Lock on the entryway of the Records Room after she and Socrates are attacked by zombies. Team Invictus is able to assure her of their legitimacy by sharing their secrets, but she faints from the surge of magical power.

Afraid of the Dark: Mimiku (Jul30)
The engine room of the Nimbus had been infested by a dragon-corpse, eroding at the sanity of the Wind-Mage Linka, the ship’s chief engineer. After destroying the source of infestation, Brannigan is able to regain control of the ship. In doing so, however, Linka permanently loses her corporeal body and becomes one with the ship’s engine. Further, Socrates is torn apart by the Warp Magics.

Minami and Tolle become permanent Nimbus crewmembers, while Mimiku, an Ancient Mimic, offers his services in her stead. Upon touching down at the port city of Balic, Rammus and Manticore leave Team Invictus, to fight in the gladiatorial arena.

Balican Arc

Punch-God Love (Aug6)

Sol Invictus reaches the city of Balic and introduces themselves to the Sorceror King, a devil named Duriel. They recover an artifact for him from a sect of Cyran Thousand Legions, defeating a powerful CAST named Torch.

Genloneras gets into fisticuffs with Kurja and barely survives.

Gen-ny’s Got a Gun (Aug20)
The party returns the Horadric Cube to Duriel, and they find that the Hand of Vecna is owned by a syndicate called “The Family.” Meeting with the High Daughter, Bastia von Schierkolitz, they are tasked with finding and slaying the Arkhosian General Viraul. The first thing they are to do is find the artifact called the Blood Moon Staff.

Novakri incurs her first loss against a Sarlonan kickboxer.


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