TDH Playtest II

The purpose of this playtest is to gauge the powers of epic level characters and to resolve the cliffhanger that is the fate of Altair, a character in the Emperor’s Tear campaign.

We will aim this playtest for Friday, 21 August 2009 at 24th level.


There are two main hooks to this playtest. The first, is that the main characters are weapons empowered by the power of Angel of Death, Altair. The second is that it will take place in Eberron’s planar locations.


If possible, we need to fill at least four character roles:
  • Altair (Any Weapon) [Played by Horo]
  • Hellraiser (1 or 2 handed Heavy Blade) [Played by Kimo]
  • Estered (Female; 1 or 2 handed Heavy Blade)
  • “Bimmy” (Male; 2 handed Polearm) [Played by Rei]

Other characters should be either related to a weapon or item owned by Altair, or high leveled native to one of Eberron’s outer planes.


I’ll be designing most of the items, to fit appropriately with “weapon awakening” and planar flavor. What’s most important is how you envision your character and your relation to the planes.

Listed in each entry are special items. If not listed, playtest characters will start with basic magic +5 weapons, +5 implements, a +5 amulet of protection, and up to a Masterwork +5 Magical Armor.

DM Notes



Daanvi, the Perfect Order

"Revenger", War Scythe
+5 Farslayer Scythe (ADV68

Irian, the Eternal Day

"Purity", the Great Chainsword of St. Estered
Superior 1d12 Fullblade
+6 Brilliant Energy Chainsword
Enhancement: +6 to attack and damage rolls
Critical: +1d10 damage per plus
Property: Purity absorbs and emits bright light in a 5 square radius. 
Property: All damage dealt by Purity is radiant, and ignores resist 10. 
Power (Encounter) Free action. Use this power when making an attack that targets AC. 
The attack targets Reflex defense instead.

Syrania, the Azure Sky

"Invisible Air" 
Three +5 Cloaked Longswords (ADV66)

Lamannia, the Twilight Forest

Mabar, the Endless Night

"Edrum" the Red Sword
Simple 1d6 Light Blade
+5 Subtle Necrotic Long Dagger
Enhancement: +5 to attack and damage rolls. 
Property: Deal 5 additional damage when attacking with combat advantage. 
Power (At Will. Necrotic): Free action. Half the damage you deal with this weapon is necrotic damage. 
Another free action returns the damage to normal. 
Power (Daily. Necrotic). Free Action. Use this power when you hit with this weapon. Target gains 
vulnerable 15 necrotic for 1 turn.
Shadow Band, Ring (ADV162)
Property: Gain Concealment
Power (Daily): Minor action. Gain total concealment for 1 turn. If you've reached one milestone today, 
this benefit lasts until the end of the encounter.

Baator, the Nine Hells

Shavarath, the Battleground

+5 x Craghammer

Dolurrh, the Shadowfell

Thelanis, the Feywild

+5 Reckless x Greatspear
Power (Encounter, Reliable): Charge and make two attacks for 1[W]+Str. If both attacks hit, 
add +5d12 to the damage dealt. Effect: AC is reduced by 2 for 1 turn. 
Power (At-Will) Free action. Take a -2 penalty to your AC for 1 turn to gain +10 damage to your next 
melee attack.

Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams

+5 Jagged Forceful Axe (ADV71,69)

Fernia, the Sea of Fire

"Hellrazor" the Buster Sword
Superior 1d12 Heavy Blade
+6 Vorpal Elongated Overreaching Fiery Buster Sword
Enhancement: +6 to attack and damage rolls
Critical: +1d12 damage per plus. 
Property: With this weapon, you can attack targets that are 3 squares away from you as well as 
nearer targets. You can still make OAs only against adjacent targets. Whenever you roll a 12 on 
damage for this weapon, roll that die again and add the additional result to the damage total. 
If a reroll results in another max damage result, roll it again and keep adding. 
Power (At-Will. Fire): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is fire. Another 
free action returns the damage to normal. 
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the attack. Deal an 
extra 3d12 fire damage with the attack and the target takes ongoing 15 fire damage.
+5 Firethread Cloak
Enhancement: Fort, Ref, Will
Property: Gain +5 to Endurance checks. Resist 15 cold and resist 15 fire.

Risia, the Plain of Ice

Kythri, the Churning Chaos



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