House Rules v2

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Rule Clarifications

  • Critical hits do not maximize precision-based damage. Eg. “High Critical” weapon effect, +xd6 on Critical Hits, Sneak Attack, Hunter’s Quarry
  • When we’re sitting at the table, the dice must roll on the table. The dice must roll moreso than they slide. They must land reliably and completely on a flat surface.
  • At the table, an action must be declared by the player before rolling. The dice must be rolled by that player, must land in view of other players, have easily read-able numbers, and must land flat, in a position that cannot be contested.
  • Warlord damage buffs increase damage total, not damage per attack. Similar buffs work the same way.
  • “Resist All” includes untyped spells and physical damage.
  • Prime Shot does not apply being equidistant to a target with an ally.


  • Insight checks, such as “Sense Motive” or “Detect Lie” are hidden rolls.
  • The History skill also counts as Knowledge:Tactics.
  • If your character turns to evil and expresses harmful intent to the party, he becomes an NPC.

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House Rules v2

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