Myths of Arkhosia

Even for a young country like Arkhosia, there are a number of Urban Myths abound.

The Desert Tiger (Talenta)

A mysterious Arkhosian general is said to roam Talenta, riding a floating city. The Desert Tiger strikes Karrnathi settlements, killing one, or dozens, or hundreds, depending on the story, then vanishes without a trace.

The Angel of Arawai (Cyre)

Early visitors to the rehabilitated Cyre attest to meeting the Angel of Arawai, a beautiful winged woman that called herself Kaede. In common with the testimonies is the visible sorrow suffered by Kaede. Sightings of her have halted with the pilgrimage of Cyrans to the newly constructed city, Archangel.

Sona the Forest Spirit (Q’barra)

The Arkhosian army features a number of Q’barrans, notably as Imperial guards stationed in Gatherhold and as scouts. It is said that they were led out of their ancestral homelands by a benevolent forest spirit named Sona. It is said that there may be multiple Sona’s, as comparing tribal testimonies, it is impossible for one Sona to appear to so many in so short a time frame.

Dragon Heroes

It is rumored that hidden amongst the soldiers of the Arkhosian army, true-blooded dragons fight, disguised in human form. Dragons have been seen fighting on the Arkhosian side, mostly young drakes from Argonnesson. However, the occasional giant dragon has appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Another theory is that Arkhosians having mastered the art of Dragon Summoning, allowing their summons to return to wherever they came after their task was finished.

Myths of Arkhosia

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