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Welcome to Project Ura:

…named for the god-fearing tribal and close-knit Shadar-kai, by whose hands the world is to end.

Building a wall, takes effort, will, action. To break down that same wall, to deny its protection, requires something different, something more.

This campaign will focus on breaking down the scale wall that is the eastern Empire of Arkhosia. Loyal to the cause, and assisted by the Republic only in secret, our heroes must be strong in order to survive, and stronger in order to succeed.

Beginning Character Hooks

Mario and He-Who-Watches, your mysterious benefactor has led you to a particular tavern, deep within Sharn, a city of civilization. As you walk, angry beasts growl at your feet, and mortal eyes subconsciously turn away from you. It’s just as well, for a violent incident would surely impede your journey.

G’ralt and Kellen, you’ve been offered a job to recover something. You’ve been careful, covering your tracks. Someone’s either using divination magic, very expensive, or knows some very knowledgeable.. very powerful friends. At the very least, the job’s worth a look.

Black Archer, Hero of the Republic, the agent that met with you promised you what you needed. Your title is currently mucked with suspicion and doubt, despite the lives you have taken and the blood you have spilled for this Republic. You will clear your name with your actions; this quest is the beginning of your ascension.

First Looks

Black Archer: A powerfully built tall-elf wearing a Brelish full helmet. Carries a tall and decorated greatbow. Lesser renown as both Hero of the Republic and Cyran traitor of the Empire. Otherwise assumed to be a Brelish adventurer.

G’ralt Schwarzwald: Well-muscled, stone-skinned Titanblood, standing over 7’ tall. Dull cloak and traveler’s staff. Speaks strongly and clearly as a learned man, more than a thug or indentured servant. At best, assumption to be a traveler or warrior-monk. At worst, a sellsword or hitman.

He-Who-Watches: Unremarkable older human, wearing a weathered cloak. Armor crafted by expert leather-craftsman, covered in druidic runes and sigils. Sword is a weighted and sharpened hunk of iron with similar runes. Can be induced to have been crafted in the Eldeen Reaches by Orcish druids. At best, assumption to be a druid. At worst, a highwayman or bandit king.

Kellen of Zilargo: Shorter race, heavy cloak and wide brimmed hat with plume. Sometimes found with flute in hands. Common assumption to be a halfling bard. Black sclera of eyes and lack of halfling traits mark his gnomish heritage.

Mario ir’Auditore: A short, young adult. Hood hides face, leather cylinder on back, equally likely to hide an antique sword, magic staves or similar effects. Vestments and emblems are of the nation of Thrane and marks faith as Church of the Silver Flame. Accent is lightly Thranish. Common assumption to be a traveling priest.

Project Ura Frontpage

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