Restricted Items

Here is a list of things Lancar does not like or is otherwise restricted in our games. Items and features may still be available, in different ways.

In general, items and features that are require too much maintenance, stack damage, or offer a gratuitous amount of healing are frowned upon.

Items that prevent OAs instead grant a +4 item bonus to AC.


  • Grasping Throwing Weapon (ADV) [Ryvus d’Orien]
  • Dynamic Weapon (ADV) [Arisu]


  • Shimmering Cloth (ADV) [Rengar] (has been houseruled over)
  • Veteran’s [Aleric, Horatio] (Has been errata’d)


  • Cloak of Displacement (ADV) [Vorian, Ferrus]


  • Iron Armbands of Power (ADV) (Or other static +dmg items)
  • Impenetrable Barding (ADV)
  • Healer’s Sash (ADV)
  • Survivor’s Belt (ADV)
  • Reinforcing Belt (ADV)
  • Razordark Bracers (ADV2) (houseruled over)


  • Deft Hurler Arena Fighting Style (DR) [Ryvus d’Orien] (Useable, but with House Rule. Ignores OAs only from target of Cleave)
  • Pacifist Healer (DP)
  • All Expertise feats (see house rules)


  • Rope Trick
  • Anything to do with Planar Travel (has to do with setting)

Restricted Items

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