A short listing of NPCs in The Dragon’s Hand campaign

Zero Arc: Khyber’s Harvest

Name Type Description
Shadow Reaches Country Western region inhabited by monstrous creatures, orcs, and goblins. The outskirts of the country are less hostile against outsiders than other parts.
Blackroot Location A village on the eastern outskirts of the Shadow Reaches
Doria Veledaar Person A House Tharashk unmarked heir. Worked previously with the Grey Company, specifically Kosius of Rekkenmark and Brin Chi’vax. Party saved her from being sacrificed.
Toraash Person Orc cultist leader. Slain by First-Tower squad.

Arc 1: Heathen

Name Type Description
Dol Arrah God Goddess of the Sun, one of the Sovereign Host
Order of the Sun Group A sect of Dol Arrah worshippers, from which Frena Firstlight is from
Bear Warforged Cleric Person A pilgrim of Prime, who inscribed a rune onto Ignatius’ armor
Emesha Person An initiate of Dol Arrah that met with the party and asked them to find and return Frena Firstlight.
Frena Firstlight Person Frena Firstlight d’Phiarlan, wife of Piaculum and mother of Voluntas. Missing paladin and Voluntas’ birth mother. Committed suicide.
“Piccolo” d’Phiarlan Person Piaculum Atrum d’Phiarlan, Voluntas’ father and husband to Frena. Body from grave was missing.
Annika Person One of Frena’s party, a cleric to Dol Arrah. Deceased.
Dajani Person One of Frena’s party, a blademaster crusading for Dol Arrah. Was previously a Stormcrow and had some history with Yuriel. Slain by First-Tower squad.
Perren Auldwyl Person Village elder of Erstlin with a really nice farmhouse. It was later destroyed. Was later found out he was a munitions dealer, supplying the cultists.
Glasur Person Dwarf who owned a boat, pulled by two dire carp. Was First-Tower’s transport to the Pillars, as revenge for his family’s death.
The Pillars Location The Pillars of Night. An ancient Dhakaani temple, nicknamed for the giant-sized pillars depicting goblin history near the temple.
Fern Faerie A “Blade Guide” previously partnered with Frena Firstlight.
Brigbad Person A hobgoblin boss that gloated about his honor. Was defeated, but not slain.
Mysterious Blue Person A slightly bluish goblin, a very intelligent spellcaster. Saw through First-Tower’s bluffs, but decided it more advantageous to provide them with information and ask them to leave.
Naarash Demon The Flesh of the Mockery, an immortal. Offered a good dental plan. Was ultimately not what First-Tower wanted. Banished back to hell. Killed Dredge.
Romulus ???? An evil patron. Not much is known.
Eryvael tribe Group Q’barran tribe that wears colors strikingly similar to Brin’s. Their chosen name implies that they are pawns that die on their patron dragon’s whims.
Tyrant of the Eryvael Person A leader that lead a hunting party of over twenty.
Cyndi Quinn Person Order of the Sun. A cat shifter sorceress that travels with Emesha. Like cats, she can’t deal with hot water.
Zaravakri Person Order of the Sun. A kalashtar of the Vakri clan that travels with Emesha, searching for remnants of her clan
Whitefire Shin Person Rogue mercenary, claiming to be the youngest son of King Boranel. Given while bound to angry villagers.
Aerandar Swordstorm Person Legendary elf hero. Had a village named after him in a forest in central Breland.
Cassius Dragon A cruel iron dragon under the service of Caesar. Slain by First-Tower squad.
Adamaxus Dragon A powerful adamantium dragon under the service of Caesar. Killed by Voluntas, his soul drained.
Dagon Dragonslayer Person Remyl Dragonslayer’s adoptive father. Served the Rekkenmark Wolves in the name of Karrnath until slain.
Caesar Alias The Lord of Blades
Julietta Alias Tallasht
Pharrel d’Deneith Person Unmarked dragonmarked heir and leader of Deneith’s fourth squad. Was slain by First-Tower squad.

Arc 2: Skeleton Key

Name Type Description
Karrnath Country A cold, northern country of hard-working farmers and soldiers
Alyssa d’Cannith Person Unmarked dragonmarked heir from Rekkenmark, Karrnath
Iris Artificer Person Well known Karrnathi Cannith artificer
Genevieve Stark Person A mage, important and well known in the field of portals and teleportation
Zhaleik Tallasht Person An eccentric noble who collects cursed artifacts
Castle Julietta Location The cursed castle of Tallasht
Verona Location The city overlooked by Castle Julietta, whose guardianship is Tallasht’s
Fort Bones Location A fort in southern Karrnath, run by the Captain of the Bones
Talenta Country A land characterized by desert plains and halfling tribes
Akira Person A mage girl of the Order of Mithrendain with short, cropped black hair. She and Farooq are Geneveive’s apprentices
Farooq Person A person with a toad-like countenance. He croaks when flustered.
The Order of Mithrendain Group An order of druids. Not much else is known
Tanamar Ruok’delar Person A rogue Khoravar wizard who commands elves and fae
Tarisa Phoenix Person A woman with fire red hair, streaked with yellow. Tanamar’s personal guardian
Kevendithas Person The leader of Tanamar’s elven forces. Probably deceased
Nina Person A surly, seductive nymph, previously utilized by the Ruok’delar
Ron Person A short fae who took more than a passing interest in Nina. He and Genloneras have a bond
Lanavakri Person An ibis-headed sphinx, guardian of the Oasis

Arc 3: Tiamat’s Black Prism

Name Type Description
Kurja God The name of a creature worshipped by Selene’s family of Shadar-kai
Vae God ????
Palara of the Chi’vax Legend One of the heroes of the Unvanquished and the previous Chi’vax bloodspeaker
Minotaur King Karkillian Legend A hero of the Unvanquished, a minotaur king hailing from Drooam
Aayla Stark Legend Heroine of the Unvanquished, Genevieve’s mother, an attractive tiefling woman that could certainly pass for human
Zhaleik d’Phiarlan Legend A hero of the Unvanquished, perhaps the true name of Zhaleik Tallasht.
Bardan the Wise Legend The halfling hero of the Unvanquished, the wisest philosopher in all the land, with the most precise memory in all of Khorvaire. Was a bit of a womanizer
Eisolon the Quick Legend Daeva hero of the Unvanquished. His form was so graceful and dextrous, he was rumored to be a full angel
Unvanquished Group A heroic group formed circa 950 YK, fighting on the side of Cyre and Valenar
Cyndi Quinn Person Update Ex-order of the sun, a cat shifter with two tails. Has an affinity for fire magic. Headed the remnants of Frena’s group in allying with the Grey Company
Thalai Person Ex-order of the sun, a tall Amazon woman with green eyes. Is very competitive
Rauly Person Ex-order of the sun, an elven woman wearing armor like that of a stag beetle. Enjoys the company of insects
Princess Person Ex-order of the sun, a tiefling woman who always seems to be miserable
Julietta’s Witch Person A strange woman, adept at hiding in the shadows, sent by Tallasht to ask the party to retrieve the Hand of Vecna
The Tomb of the Sleeper of Dreams Location ????
The Hand of Vecna Artifact The mummified hand of a mythic sorcerer, said to be able to part some of its power to a willing mortal
Valenar Country A country taken over, during the war, by a mercenary sect of Aereni elves
Warwood Forest In northeastern Valenar, a forest where particularly dark spirits took hold of souls lost during the Last War
Sister Isis Person A dark-skinned Eryvael woman with scale piercings similar to Brin’s. She is a priestess of the Keeper
The Keeper God The goddess of the realm of the dead. Some circles revere her as the Raven Queen
Sir Raven Fallencrest Legend A hero of Selan, slain in 1006 YK. Seven years later, his body was stolen before it could be buried in sacred ground. He was said to have slain the legendary fiend, Tiamat
Tiamat’s Prism Artifact aka. the Horn of Shadow, Shadowed Horn. A magical focus said to be able to channel the power of chromatic dragons
Sybil Person A white haired human girl with pink eyes, a chosen prophet of the Keeper
Aenaeas Southstar Legend The prodigy of the Southstar house, rumored to have faked his death as a child, to return as a man of strength and power. After allowing Selan to slay Tiamat, he again disappeared
Kurosuke Moonsage Legend A bookish elven hero of Selan, slain in 1006 YK
Aeros Highblade Legend A Khoravar hero, recognizable in bar tales around the world. Was also a part of Selan
Selan Group Once thought to be a rebel army, Selan uncovered a draconic conspiracy within Valenar, and were instrumental in the dragons’ defeat. It is said that they fought against a terrible and ancient evil
Tiamat Demon A bound demon lord from the Age of Demons, supposedly imprisoned in the pits of Khyber on the continent of Argonnesson
Zaravakri Person Update Captured by the Eryvael, her eyes were cut out, and she was ritually scarred on her face and back. An outside evil force works through her, twisting her once holy magic into malevolent powers
Egypt Person Cairo’s father and an agent of the 7 Ravens Guild, an expert poisoncrafter and swordsman. Was killed by Macbeth.
Aleister Person Acquaintance of Egypt and member of the Shadow Sun. He knew Raven Fallencrest in life.
Vae Moonsage Person Well-learned half-elven sage, very knowledgeable of Romulus, he is associated with elven house Darkmoon.
Romulus Dragon A Red Dragon likely responsible for First-Tower’s troubles.

Arc 4: Swords of Order and Strife

Name Type Description
Black Rain Clan Group The Shadar-kai clan that Selene originated from
Leo d’Deneith Person Leo Christophe of House Deneith, a dragonmarked heir, known for his just hand and leading ability
Beowulf Darkmoon Person A tall-elf, and the Eldest prince of house Darkmoon, a self-exiled warrior who wields a greatsword. He is the diplomat for a nomadic tribe of halflings called the Spiritwalkers
Boddynok the Unbreakable Person A powerful, if dim, half-orc with a double-axe. He is good friends with Beowulf
S.S. Anubis Ship The name of the ship owned by Captain Ron
T-Pain Person The warforged First Mate of Captain Ron
Bermuda d’Lyrandar Person Bermuda is the third and youngest princess of the Trine family, in House Lyrandar. She is well kept and proper
Yuzuki Person A Grey Company mermaid shifter
Theseus Person A mercury dragon working directly for Romulus
Fort Bardan Location A defensible fort near Paluur Draal, created to stand against kobold and goblin attacks from the east, but ironically being attacked by draconians from the west
Nautica d’Deneith Person Nautica Clarion, a Deneith captain that Brin Squad saved from four mounted dragonborn warlords
Macbeth Dragon A red dragon killed twice by Brin Squad. Was responsible for Egypt’s death.

Arc 5: Immortal Heart of the Phoenix

Name Type Description
Lieutenant Ron Person Deneith soldier who was captured by the enemy and turned into a wight

Arc 6: Ktessipus and the Angels

Name Type Description
Justicar Dragon Silver dragon who went on about justice
Wedge Person One of Rin’s bodyguards, was killed by Shin with his back turned
Vicks Person One of Rin’s bodyguards, was killed by Shin in a duel
Lamar Person A genie with a shop in Sigil
Ramal Familiar A small magical bipedal goatfolk with a scythe, Raven’s familiar
“Enya” Spiraldream Person Saffrenia Spiraldream is a popular councilor of the Eladrin city of Mithrendain
Ilteris Forrester Person A contact of Enya’s. Or is he?
Amon Southstar Person Amon Bassiri of House Southstar, a councilor in charge of the city’s defenses
Yuuya Heartsong Person Aenaeas Southstar’s hot redheaded elven wife
E’li Person Lord E’li of the North Wind, an easygoing old elf, with strange companions
Mars Bird A bird that sits upon E’li’s shoulder. Insists that he is not gay
“Trowa” Person Troannaxia of the Platinum Guard, a blonde short-haired woman that insists that Mars is gay. Is violent towards Kurja
Ranger Solonor Person An elf enthusiastic about hunting, Solonor’s father and Aenaeas’ uncle
Tsutecki Person A quiet, but skillful human ranger allied to Solonor. His animal companion is a white eagle bigger than a person
Vyrellis Sysvani Person A councilor, a level-headed ambassador and diplomat. Has allies with the Trust
The Trust Group Gnomish intelligence network in Eberron, based in Zilargo
Mao Kelshil Person A young and inexperienced councilor
Maria Spirestone Person A shorter councilor, obsessed with money
Robillard Gigadrill Person A strange chaos-mage and councilor
Gaston Person An incredibly hairy elf and councilor. Was involved in a scandal with Jelvistra
Selnarine Person An Empire elf who was convinced of Rin’s legitimacy. Her men were later slaughtered, assumedly by Theseus, and she was crucified to a wall
Gunhild Viktoria Person Naral’s middle daughter, who was killed horrifically, her face and personal effects marred beyond recognition
Altair Person Daeva ally of Pit-Fighter, assumedly killed by Theseus
Psyche Dragon A dragon who offered to stand down, in exchange for some of their power
Orpheus Northstar Person An Empire soldier, defeated by Psyche in exchange for a trade
Jelvistra Person Fomorian agent of Xerxes, killed by the party
Fomorians Group ????
Xerxes Person Titled himself in a letter as the King of the Fomorians

Arc 7: Remus and the Ninjas

Name Type Description
Barrinsgate City Brelish city ruled by a council of former gang leaders
Stella Lightbringer Person Councilor on the Circle of Peers, responsible for town security
Guard Corkus Person Friendly guardsman
Sven Bloodfist Person Leader of the Bloody Knives
Bloody Knives Group The most powerful gang in Barrinsgate
Kawa Nezumi clan Group An informal clan that acts under the code of bushido in Barrinsgate and the second most powerful gang
Blackheart Pirates Group A group of airship pirates that has been terrorizing central Breland. The third most powerful gang in Barrinsgate
Lancatius Cat One of Lightbringer’s cats
Erinblad de Vast Person Councilor on the Circle of Peers, responsible for public works. Is Lightbringer’s main challenger
Talria Person de Vast’s newest consort, a tall and long-legged ex-soldier
Orpheus Northstar Person An empire soldier who is adept in Northstar defensive magics. Sent to assist a hero called the Wyrmslayer, he was given pause by Aenaeas Southstar
Inira Montoya Person A kunoichi from the Kawa Nezumi. Raven killed her father a few months ago
Keiichi Person First Warrior of the Kawa Nezumi. Affable
Yuki Person A female ninja of the Nezumi. Agreeable
Thera Person Lightbringer’s receptionist


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