TDH Vitals P

This is a list of relevant vital statistics, as far as the party is concerned. Please message me if something is incorrect (or, you know, change it, yourself).

Paragon Tier Members

Aenaeas Southstar

Wyrmslayer, Melee Striker [Lightning Affinity]
Male Wood Elf (Tall), Esperia (Rune-Midgard)
Hair Silver; Eyes Blue; Ht 5’11”; Wgt 182

Description: Muscular, Tattoo of the Dragon Between on left shoulder
Notes: Hero of the Selani Rebellion
Hooks: Revenge

Genloneras of Darguun

Gladiator, Melee Striker [Primal, Earth Affinity]
Male Minotaur, Darguun
High Strength and Dexterity; Low Intelligence and Charisma
Hair Brown; Eyes Periwinkle; Ht 7’2”; Wgt 330

Description: Aberrant dragonmark (white to black) covering right half of face. Right horn missing.
Notes: Rumored son of Minotaur King Karkillian, previously Grey Company
Hooks: Gain the Southstar Strike, Rivalry with Pit-Fighter


Summoner, Ranged Controller [Arcane, Planar Affinity]
Male Human, Cyre
. .

Notes: Resident of Cyre, Selani Rebel
Hooks: This isn’t where I parked my carpet

Raven Fallencrest

Battle Sorceror, Versatile Striker [Arcane, Fire Affinity]
Male Human, Prontera [Rune-Midgard]
High Strength, Charisma; Low Intelligence, Wisdom
Hair Red; Eyes Green; Ht 6’1”; Wgt 180

Description: Tattoo of the Dragon Between on back of right hand
Notes: Hero of the Selani Rebellion
Hooks: Great Destiny, Soul of Ravenus

Rin Whitesoul

Priestess General, Ranged Leader [Divine, Necrotic Affinity]
Female Human, Karrnath
High Wisdom
Hair Brown; Eyes Green; Ht 5’6”; Wgt 150

Description: Regal blue dragonscale armor, Aberrant dragonmark (red to white) on back
Notes: Hero of the Valaes Tairn Empire
Hooks: Soul of Rinaliah


Klepto Rogue, Melee Striker [Martial]
Male Elf
Hair Blonde; Eyes Grey; Ht 5’2”; Wgt 110

Description: Typical elf
Notes: Grey Company, Deathsgate
Hooks: Just another mission

Shin of House Asakura

Wolf Blademaster, Melee Defender [Martial]
Male Human, Karrnath
High Constitution, Low Intelligence and Wisdom
Hair Teal; Eyes Periwinkle; Ht 5’11”; Wgt 198

Description: Metal plate covering left half of face, armor overtly Karrnathi
Notes: Selani Rebel


Soulfang Hunter, Ranged Striker [Arcane/Primal, Wind Affinity]
Male Daeva (Sky)
Hair L. Blue; Eyes None; Ht 5’5”; Wgt 148

Description: Hair unstable magic, wears blindfold.
Notes: Hurt hand when younger
Hooks: Controlling magic, living in the shadow of the Stormcrows

TDH Vitals P

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